Special message for this edition of the two-start pitcher rankings: The final week of the season is typically messy one for pitching matchups. As playoff positions are secured, teams will rejigger their rotations in preparation for what's coming, often resulting in some of their best pitchers being skipped or throwing just an inning or two to stay fresh.

Of course, this season is anything but typical, and it's hard to say exactly the way an expanded playoff field will change things. Could even more pitchers be impacted as a result? How driven will teams be to secure a higher seed once they've already clinched a playoff spot?

With that it mind, it's hard to say with any real confidence that Shane Bieber will actually make two starts. Or Gerrit Cole. Or even Adam Wainwright. And they're not the only ones, of course. It doesn't mean you shouldn't still start them — Bieber and Cole in particular — but for any pitcher you use this week, you need to be comfortable with the possibility he ends up making just one start. That's true to some extent every week, but particularly this one.

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Now then, here are the two-start pitchers for Fantasy Week 10 (Sept. 21-27):

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