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It's fall -- according to the weather and the calendar -- and we've officially come upon my favorite time of year to play golf.

The days are shorter but the rounds are more fun without the summer sun beating down on me. I realize not all parts of the country can participate but the three-week stretch starting on October 1 is, to me, one of the sweet spots on my personal golfing calendar.

With that in mind, let's look at all the equipment and gear you need to catch up on this October to get your game to be as cool as the weather.

You can click on the photos to take you to the site where you can purchase each item.

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The Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder is absolutely perfect for pretty much every type of golfer. The big thing for me with rangefinders is how much time it takes to get the device up and running so I'm not holding up the group behind me (nobody wants to be "that guy"). I can unhook the Tour v3 from my bag and get a solid distance in about 8-10 seconds. Really love this product. ($299)


My first time out with the TaylorMade SLDR driver I drove a 320-yard par-4 green and sank the putt for eagle. So yeah, you could say I'm partial to this club. Phil Mickelsonhad it in his bag during the Presidents Cup this year and it seemed to work out pretty nicely for him as well.

I love the ability to slide the weight on the bottom of the club based on whether you hit a draw or fade off the tee (I'm a draw). Huge bonus on a sweet club. ($399)


My favorite thing about the Cobra Trusty Tour wedges is how perfectly they're weighted. I have a tendency on the golf course to use too much of my arms when I'm swinging but the head weight of these clubs takes that away from me. They practically swing themselves.

My Tour Trusty LE might be my favorite club in my bag and these are no different. According to Cobra "the Tour Trusty has double the amount of surface roughness than the Trusty Rusty and new, wider grooves to provide maximum spin." Exactly as advertised. ($120)


The Melbourne double-zip sweater vest from Peter Millar is perfect for those afternoons when it's not really cold enough for a jacket but you feel chily in the shade. Peter Millar says it like this: "The coarse gauge knit exterior gives this fleece a classic sweater aesthetic. A perfect fit both on and off the course. ($145)


The Ashworth Cardiff ADC shoes are my golf kicks of choice right now. They're super light and I love the extra cusion they seem to have compared to some others I've tried. Only miss the 5-star mark because I don't love white golf shoes. Still, worth a look as they offer them in navy, black, and brown (which I love). ($120)


Live somewhere that's too cold for that Peter Millar sweater vest? Can I interest you in a Peter Millar Vancouver performance waterproof jacket instead?

This sweet-looking jacket (I love the blue and orange color scheme) is totally waterproof and totally windproof. It's breathable, quiet, and comfortable and man, does it look good. ($225)


You won't meet a bigger fan of pullovers than myself and I think I might have a new favorite in my collection. The Puma golf 1/4 zip popover. It's lightweight, simple, and looks really sharp.

Puma makes some interesting gear (see: Fowler, Rickie) but this black and white pullover jacket is perfect for the less hip of us just looking for something reasonable to wear. Thumbs up. ($100)


When Adams released its new version of the old Tight Lies club, I was downright giddy. It hasn't disappointed. The black matte finish is a spectacular new look on a club we all probably had in the bag during our childhoods (depending on when you were born, I suppose).

Adams says this version of the Tight Lies is "twice as hot as the original" I believe them. I especially love hitting it out of the short rough as it give me some "pop" I don't usually have out of there. ($199)

Happy shopping!

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