Jason Day nearly canned a 230-yard 7-iron on the 71st hole of the 2018 Wells Fargo Championship for an ace. As it was, the shot hit the pin and came to a stop three feet away. Day sank the birdie, played the tough final three holes at Quail Hollow in 2 under and waltzed to PGA Tour victory No. 12.

Afterward, Day, who lives in Ohio and is a big Cleveland Cavaliers fan, said LeBron James' game-winning bank shot on Saturday night against the Toronto Raptors in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals got him going and had him inspired.

"I mean, that 17th hole is not easy," Day said. "It looks really tiny from 220 yards away. But 16 is difficult. You have to have a good drive there. Being able to finish off strong, and that's what I'm probably the most happy about is when you're on call to do something good and you pull it off, that is key. 

"To be clutch like that, and it's a lot of heart. It was probably a good thing that I watched LeBron's buzzer beater this morning instead of last night. That was awesome to watch this morning, so hopefully I can just pass that along in my game today."

Day has a history (and a sort of complicated one!) with James. The King once put Day's wife Ellie on a stretcher when he landed on her after trying to save a ball from going out of bounds.

This time, James' on-court work was a bit more helpful to the Day family as his ridiculous shot against Toronto helped Day close out Quail Hollow and take home $1.4 million in the process.