If I told you that I could show you a picture of Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson -- unquestionably two of the biggest names in the history of combat sports -- just simply hanging out with each other, you'd think that was pretty cool in itself, right? As a matter of fact, some of you may even wonder how a portrait of that nature could instantly become even more iconic; unless, of course, that portrait featured the two throwing hands with each other.  Well I don't have a picture of Tyson and McGregor hurling jabs at each other in combat, but there does happen to be a photo of the two enjoying some ... relaxation of a herbal nature together, which does up the ante of the two connecting quite a bit. 

In Dublin, Ireland, over the weekend, McGregor met up with Tyson in the MMA star's home country, and that's where McGregor decided to test out Tyson's own strand home-grown marijuana, "KO Kush," and by all accounts, he seems to give his seal of approval. 

McGregor detailed more of his experience in an Instagram post which shows Tyson enjoying his own hard work

The picture of Tyson and McGregor does hold a little more significance than just the two smoking weed together, though. They seem to be enjoying each other's company, which may surprise some seeing as Tyson was very critical of McGregor heading into his boxing match with the legendary Floyd Mayweather last summer. But, there definitely seems to be no ill will here, so that's nice.

Just when you think the world of combat sports can't surprise us anymore here in 2018, a photo surfaces of McGregor and Tyson hitting a blunt together. Truly remarkable.