After a bloody war leaving both men woozy and wounded, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will go their separate ways ... for now.

McGregor won the slugfest Saturday night over Diaz by majority decision, but the third installment both fighters called for after the war will have to wait, according to UFC president Dana White.

McGregor is expected to go back down to 145 pounds and defend his belt against the man he took it from in Jose Aldo. White stated multiple times in the lead up to this one that McGregor was either going to fight Aldo next or vacate the featherweight title.

The future for Diaz is a little less clear. Both fighters clearly need to heal up, Nate especially after bleeding all over the octagon and taking tons of kicks to his right knee. But the pride of Stockton, California, needs to figure things out now. He can continue to fight at welterweight and work his way through the top five fighters in that division where his brother is also set to return after his suspension.

But he is likely going to end up going down to lightweight and continue his work there, still looking for the title shot that has eluded him for some time.

One thing is for certain, these two will have to settle the score at some point soon and we can't wait for that to happen.