Antonio Brown has already hit rock-bottom in Oakland. Brown, after missing the majority of Raiders training camp with frostbitten feet, was given an ultimatum by Oakland GM Mike Mayock on Sunday after Brown didn't come to the Raiders' facility after the NFL rejected Brown's newest helmet request. 

Oakland's situation with Brown has gotten so bad that the question was posed to Ryan Wilson on Monday's edition of the Pick Six Podcast -- would the Raiders would rescind the Brown trade with the Steelers if they had the chance do to so now. Oakland traded a third and fifth-round draft picks to the Steelers in exchange for Brown, who had a solid offseason in Oakland until running into his current slew of issues just before the start of camp. 

"Of course [the Raiders would]," Wilson said. "I think if the Steelers called the Raiders and said, 'We'll trade you Diontae Johnson for AB,' Mike Mayock would drive AB back to Pittsburgh." 

Think about that for a second. Did the team that received a slew of criticism for losing control of Brown and ultimately losing him to the Raiders, actually win the trade that sent Brown to Oakland? That's the way it's looking, especially given Brown's bizarre actions as of late along with Johnson's recent success in Pittsburgh's most recent preseason game

Johnson, who the Steelers selected using the third-round pick they acquired in the trade for Brown, caught a 24-yard touchdown pass in his first NFL preseason game. Brown, meanwhile, may not even be Oakland's leading receiver this season. With Brown on the mend, Tyrell Williams, a former 1,000-yard receiver with the Chargers who signed with Oakland this offseason, has filled in as the Raiders' No. 1 receiver during practice. J.J. Nelson, the speedy wideout from Arizona who also signed with the Raiders during free agency season, has developed a quick rapport with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

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Then there's rookie receiver Hunter Renfrow, the slot receiver out of Clemson who Wilson believes will have a better statistical season than Brown. Renfrow, an exceptionally crisp route runner (a must when playing in Jon Gruden's west coast offense), was atop the Raiders' depth chart during the first two weeks of the preseason. 

"It actually doesn't sound so crazy now," Wilson said when discussing Renfrow having a better season than Brown. "Hunter Renfrow is gonna catch a lot of balls. Even though he's undersized, he's showing up." 

The same can't be said about Brown, who is already in jeopardy of falling out of chances in Oakland if his erratic behavior continues. Brown's actions also continue to make the Steelers look like the unanimous winner in their trade with Oakland. 

"Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert," Wilson said, "are probably having a good chuckle right now." 

The same can't be said about Gruden, Mayock and the Raiders, who are currently dealing with a mess the Steelers no longer have to clean.