MINNEAPOLIS -- It was hardly a surprise that Rams coach Sean McVay won the 2017 NFL Coach of the Year at NFL Honors. The Rams won four games in 2016 and won the NFC West in 2017. The turnaround in Los Angeles was remarkable, and the Rams went from being a boring team to one of the most exciting young teams in the NFL

But there were many deserving candidates, including Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who is about to coach in the Super Bowl. Pederson, however, only received a single vote from the 50 media members, which means he finished in a tie with Bill Belichick (also just one vote) behind McVay (35 votes), Vikings coach Mike Zimmer (11 votes), and Jaguars coach Doug Marrone (two votes). 

It's worth noting that voters can only vote for one person when it comes to these awards. So if 35 members though Pederson was a close second to McVay, none of that would be recorded. But regardless, it was surprising to see Pederson just get one vote.

And when people found out, the response on social media was ... not approval. In fact, it was pretty much outrage. 

"It's humbling and it's flattering," McVay said of the award, before pointing out that he "looks up to" the other guys who were on the list.

"You look at those guys and what they did with their teams," McVay added. "Very flattering." 

Here's the thing for the Eagles: they're in the Super Bowl. They made it to the Super Bowl despite not having their MVP-caliber quarterback for the end of the year and still managed to win the NFC East and are squaring off against the Patriots for a championship on Sunday. 

Pederson will probably settle for having the same number of Super Bowl rings as he does Coach of the Year votes.