At a certain point, you just are what you are. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a bad football team.

We keep hearing every offseason how the young Jaguars are ready to take a step forward, and they just keep on not taking that step. We keep hearing how they're installing a culture of winning that will breed success, and they just keep on not succeeding. Gus Bradley is now 14-41 as the coach of this game. That's the worst record of any coach with at least 50 games of experience. If the experiment ever had any hope, it sure doesn't seem like that's the case anymore.

Bradley's team came out for its Thursday night game against the division rival Tennessee Titans completely unprepared and uninspired, and as a result of that unpreparedness and lack of inspiration, the Jaguars were blown right off the field by Tennessee. It was flat-out embarrassing.

Jacksonville managed a first down on its second play from scrimmage, then didn't get another until 18 minutes of game time had gone by. The Jags punted on all five of their first-half possessions, which totaled just 60 yards; they also allowed the Titans to score on five straight series to open up a 27-0 lead from which the Jags would never recover.

Jacksonville offered no resistance to Tennessee's so-called "Exotic Smashmouth" offense, letting the Titans move the ball up and down the field at will. Even when the Jags knew what was coming -- as they certainly did on a third-and-13 from Tennessee's own 3-yard line with less than two minutes to go in the first half -- they could not manage to get a stop. Instead they let the Titans march right down the field yet again, for a 90-yard drive that resulted in a field goal at the buzzer. By halftime, Tennessee had amassed 354 yards of offense.

Making matter worse were Jacksonville's penalties. The Jags took four in the first half, two of the unsportsmanlike conduct variety. Jalen Ramsey took one on Tennessee's second drive, just a week after being tossed from a game. Dante Fowler Jr. later took one for appearing to throw a half-hearted punch at a Titans lineman. Playing that kind of undisciplined football is a recipe for a blowout loss, and that's exactly what the Jaguars got.

Things got no better after halftime. Jacksonville continued to let Tennessee March down the field, and did nothing offensively until the game was no longer in doubt. Tennessee won, 36-22, but the game was not nearly as close as the final score.

Here are a few more things to know about this AFC South matchup.

2. Exotic Smashmouth in the house

Titans coach Mike Mularkey famously branded his offense "Exotic Smashmouth" this offseason, and it has not looked more exotic nor more smashmouth at any time this season. The Titans used their two-headed backfield monster of DeMarco Murray (now first in the NFL in rushing yards) and rookie Derrick Henry to punish the Jaguars with regularity, and they did just that.

Murray ran for 123 yards on 21 carries, and added a touchdown for good measure. He showcased his elite vision and ability to burst through the second level for chunk gains, and also showed he can still hit the jets and turn the corner to beat somebody to the edge.

Henry is a marvel of a physical specimen -- he stands 6-2 and weighs 247 pounds. You can see every bit of those 247 pounds in action as he ran over Ramsey on a second-quarter run, just a flew plays after he had beaten Ramsey around the edge for a first down. Later in the drive, he cut back a run to the weak side and faked Ramsey out of his pants in the process, ultimately finding the end zone as well.

He added 16 carries for 60 yards to Murray's total, and found the end zone as well. His per-carry average slipped because he had the misfortune of being the back on the field for garbage time, but he shined prior to that.

3. Color ugh

Yet another Jaguars-Titans game meant the return of the league's worst color rush jerseys. We went through this with these guys last year (and how I got stuck writing up the Jaguars-Titans TNF game yet again is surely a concern I'll have to raise with the CBS editors), and for some reason had to be subjected to them again.

They were gross last year, and they were gross this year. Let's just agree now to not have the Jags wear puke-colored jerseys next season, OK?

4. Don't you forget about me

Let us not forget the work of Marcus Mariota, who was sparkling in this game. He threw multiple touchdowns for the fourth straight week, becoming the first Titans quarterback since Kerry Collins (!!) to do so.

Mariota finished the evening 18 of 22 for 270 yards and two touchdowns, and he made it look easy. The Jags didn't put up much resistance, but he still made the throws they practically begged him to make. Mariota spread the ball around, completing at least three passes to four different receivers, and making big plays down the field to Kendall Wright (36-yard touchdown) and Delanie Walker (47-yard catch-and-run).

5. Not great, Bortles

On the other hand, Blake Bortles was a disaster. Don't let his end-of-game line fool you. His numbers ticked up some thanks to garbage time, as usual. He was dreadful while the game was still in the balance. It seemed like every other throw was bouncing short of a receiver's feet or landing five to 10 yards away from where he finished his route.

Here's what Bortles told CBS' Phil Simms during the week about why he's been so inaccurate this season:

That was definitely noticeable all night long. After a sophomore campaign during which it looked like Bortles had at least taken a moderate step forward, he has undoubtedly regressed in Year 3. He just looks plain bad right now. It's worth asking the question of whether the former No. 3 pick will ever develop into the type of quarterback Jacksonville envisioned when it snagged him during the 2014 draft, and any honest evaluation at this point would have to lean strongly toward "no."