Jalen Ramsey's future with the Jaguars remains murky after an unusual week in which he was absent from the team at various points for three different reasons.

Both the Pro Bowl cornerback and the team are drawing scrutiny around the industry for how this messy contractual and potential trade situation has transpired, with other teams unsure of how or when it gets resolved. Numerous clubs remain very interested in Ramsey, sources said, who requested a trade earlier this month, and whom the Jaguars engaged in trade talks about before sending signals that they now intend to keep him. The Jaguars could have had two first-round picks from one club, according to a league source, but believed those selections would end up too close to 32nd overall for their liking.

Ramsey has made no secret of his desire to be traded and, sources said, has continued to tell associates that he has no desire to sign an extension with the Jaguars. He missed the start of the week due to illness and then was listed as being out with a back injury; sources said his initial absence irked team officials, who believed it a naive attempt to facilitate a trade. Later in the week he was excused by the team to be present for the birth of a child, and the events, in total, have left rival general managers believing a trade by the late October deadline is still possible.

Ramsey's words and actions – including a sideline outburst with coach Doug Marrone and subsequent raucous media session – have caused some interested teams to rethink their position, and drawn criticism in front office circles while also possibly lowering the amount of trade compensation he could command. There are questions as to why he did not hold out from training camp to try to force a resolution of the situation before the season, and concerns about what lengths he may try to go to in future weeks to attempt to force his way out.

Given Ramsey's volatility in the past, however, and well-known desire to be paid prior to the 2019 season, the Jaguars are also being critiqued by their peers for letting things reach this stage in-season. Trade calls have come in for Ramsey since last season. Ramsey's displeasure with his contract and the front office were established around the league. There was an expectation that more problems would arise between him and the Jaguars after the front office did not entertain an extension.

"I don't like the way he is handling it," one personnel executive said of Ramsey, "but are you surprised by it?"

Furthermore, considering trading Ramsey in-season, and then quickly trying to move on from that notion, was always going to be problematic as well. In the player's mind, he was moving closer than ever to getting out, and pulling that away only heightens tensions.

"You have to trade him," said a high-ranking official from another club. "It will get worse and there will be something new with him every week. He doesn't see a future there (in Jacksonville), and he's already shown he's willing to rock the boat to get out. At some point it becomes more trouble than it's worth."

Another league source who has been in contact with the Jaguars cautioned not to underestimate owner Shad Khan's resolve to stand firm and not "reward" Ramsey with a trade. But he too anticipated there to be more drama between the player and the franchise with the fallout already quite public.