Jason Pierre-Paul hasn't played a snap for the Giants this season and it's not clear when he will. The linebacker lost his right index finger during a July 4 fireworks accident, and according to a recent ESPN report, JPP may have also suffered damage to the top of his right thumb and his right middle finger, adding further doubt on when he'll again take the field.

But Pierre-Paul has been busy on social media; on Wednesday, he posted a workout video to Instagram. And early Thursday morning he tweeted this:

And maybe there's something to that.

Days after Pierre-Paul's accident, Dr. Steven Beldner, co-director of New York Hand and Wrist Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, told New York's WPIX that, "The index finger is one of the least important fingers, because if you lose your index finger you can immediately bypass it to your third or your fourth or your fifth finger."

Of course, things become more complicated if JPP damaged his thumb and middle finger. Either way, not everyone is convinced that Pierre-Paul will be the same player when he returns.

For now, we wait. The question is for how long.

"God can turn any situation around for the better," Pierre-Paul wrote Wednesday on Instagram. "Your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don't believe the hype ... Be back soon!"

Jason Pierre-Paul says he will be back soon. (USATSI)
Jason Pierre-Paul says he will be back soon. (USATSI)