Two years ago, the entire city of Philadelphia was treated to free beer after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, and since everyone loves free beer, the people at Bud Light have decided to give away some more, only this time, your favorite team won't have to win the Super Bowl for the free beer to happen. For the 2020 season, Bud Light is letting the most important position on the field decide who gets the free beer: Kickers. If you do not think that kickers are the most important position on the field, then we will just have to agree to disagree. 

Anyway, back to the free beer. As of right now, only two cities have a chance of winning the free alcohol and those two cities are Denver and Detroit, which means Lions fans and Broncos fans will likely be paying extra close attention to field goals this year because the free beer will be given to the city with the kicker who makes the longest field goal this season. 

Basically, if you're a Lions fan, you should go out and buy a Matt Prater jersey now. On the other hand, if you're a  Broncos fan, you should put a Brandon McManus jersey in your online shopping cart before you even finish reading this story. 

If you're wondering how two kickers ended up in a spot where they were duking it out to win millions of free beers for their city, it all started in July when McManus said he wanted to break the NFL record for longest field goal. After listening to the interview, Bud Light said it would give all of Denver free beer if McManus was able to break the record this year, which means he would have kick a 65-yarder. 

After learning of Bud Light's offer, Prater decided to chime-in, which made sense, because he's the current record-holder. 

Back in 2013, Prater hit a 64-yard field goal against the Titans, which broke the previous record of 63 yards. Thanks to Prater's tweet, Bud Light decided to include the city of Detroit in on the free beer deal, but with a twist: Neither kicker has to break the NFL record. Instead, whoever kicks the longest field goal out of these two kickers will win free beer for his entire city. 

Detroit or Denver will be getting free beer this year. Twitter/BudLight

The Eagles had to win a Super Bowl to get free beer for Philadelphia. The city of Detroit might win free beer with a 51-yard field goal. Now that everyone knows what the rules are, I have some bad news for the city of Denver: McManus has been in the NFL for six years and he's never ended a season with a longer field goal than Prater, which means the fine people of Detroit will have a good chance of getting free beer this year. To be honest, it's probably for the best that the free beer is being given away based on kicking field goals because we all know the Lions wouldn't be getting free beer if winning a Super Bowl was the requirement (Boom. Roasted). 

As for Bud Light, they should just go ahead and open this up to every kicker in the NFL, and that's mainly because I want to see fans get pumped up for every long field goal that's attempted this season. If Bud Light had done the free beer thing last season, the free alcohol would have gone to Dallas, thanks to Brett Maher, who hit a 63-yard field goal.  

And finally, because everyone likes watching long field goals, let's watch a highlight of the one time McManus nailed a 73-yard field goal in practice