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After watching film of their wild 33-27 upset win over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, the Las Vegas Raiders apparently saw a few things they didn't like, leading them to file a complaint with the NFL that basically accused the Ravens of playing dirty, according to The Athletic.

Specifically, the Raiders felt the Ravens took several cheap shots on receiver Hunter Renfrow. It's not clear how many dirty hits the Raiders are complaining about, but at least one of them came from cornerback Marlon Humphrey while another came from linebacker Patrick Queen

Although there was a flag thrown on Queen for his hit, the officials didn't penalize Humphrey for his late hit, which you can see below: 

Humphrey's hit was so egregious that he actually apologized for it after the play. 

"I did hit Hunter Renfrow a little after the play," Humphrey said Wednesday, via "I thought Derek Carr was out of the pocket. I apologized to him on the field. That was a play I wish I could take back."

By apologizing, Humphrey basically admitted his guilt. It's not clear if the NFL will side with the Raiders, but if the league does, the Ravens players involved could be fined or, if it's deemed serious enough, suspended.

As for Renfrow, he said Monday's game basically felt the same as all the other games he's ever played in. 

"I didn't notice anything different from any other game," the receiver said, via The Athletic

It's been a rough week for the Raiders, who didn't get to celebrate their come-from-behind win for very long because they're dealing with an absurd amount of serious injuries this week. Here's a look at who the team has lost over the past few days: 

  • Gerald McCoy is out for the season. The defensive tackle injured his knee Monday and will miss the rest of the year
  • Denzelle Good will miss the rest of the year. The Raiders starting right guard tore his ACL in Monday's win and will miss the rest of the season. Both Good and McCoy were placed on injured reserve Wednesday. 
  • Marcus Mariota is out indefinitely. The QB was only in for one play Monday, and although he turned it into a 31-yard run, he ended up getting injured on the play. Mariota aggravated an old quad injury and is now expected to be out for a "few weeks," according to

The beat-up Raiders will travel across the country to face the Steelers in Week 2 on Sunday.

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