The NWSL championship trophy will look different in November. The National Women's Soccer League announced a collaboration on Tuesday with Tiffany & Co. for a redesigned NWSL Championship trophy and MVP award. The new trophy will be presented for the first time at the upcoming NWSL Championship on Nov. 11 at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California.

"Our ability to partner with iconic brands like Tiffany reinforces the remarkable athletes who play in the NWSL. Their influence both on and off the field is deserving of a top-tier trophy and we're grateful to our partners at Tiffany & Co. for their invaluable collaboration in creating a prize befitting the best women's soccer league in the world," said NWSL Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer Julie Haddon.

"We look forward to our continued partnership as we collaborate on reimagining the rest of our end-of-year awards, including the NWSL Shield."

This is the first ever redesign of the NWSL Championship trophy since the league's inception in 2013. The previous version was just a large, altered version of the league's official brand logo -- which arguably could use a rebrand as well. It was a silver-looking, five-sided altered geometric random shape that some fans referred to as "a spatula," and featured a cutout of a NWSL soccer player rocking a high ponytail kicking a gold soccer ball.

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The new iteration of the trophy is a much different approach to what players will lift on Championship day. The explanation for the design is that the inspiration came from "aerodynamic forces and the beauty of the game," and "combines modern aesthetics with traditional elegance." A combination of 24K vermeil and sterling silver, there's still the league image of a high ponytailed player, but this time along the base, while the trophy spirals upward toward a soccer ball. It's almost reminiscent of the FIFA Women's World Cup trophy.


The NWSL MVP award is also based on 24K vermeil and sterling silver and features a design that reaches up toward a soccer ball. It's an upgrade from previous MVP awards that have previously been crystal vases, Emmy-esque style statues, or if you're 2022 MVP Sophia Smith -- a logo-etched rectangle block of crystal or glass that we hope lights up at least.


Overall the new editions of the awards are already upgrades to the league. Next season, the league will work with Tiffany & Co. to recreate the other end-of-season awards. The 2023 postseason begins on Friday with the quarterfinal round. OL Reign will host Angel City FC at Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington.