Radek Stepanek desperately needed to moisten his contact. Screen Shot/@Renestance

We may be only a couple of days into the 2016 French Open, but we may already have the highlight of the entire tournament.

Unranked Radek Stepanek of the Czech Republic was already up a set on No. 2 Andy Murray in their opening round matchup, when a crisis occurred -- Stepanek's contact lens got dry.

Anyone who has worn contacts knows how annoying this can be, especially when you don't have contact solution handy. So what did Stepanek do? He decided to use a little homemade contact solution -- better known as saliva.

Stepanek took the contact and put it into his mouth, then took it out and put it back into his eye.

While not the most conventional tactic, it proved effective. Stepanek went on to win the set, 6-3, and took a two-set lead on the 2013 Wimbledon champ.

Unfortunately for Stepanek the luck (or saliva) seemed to wear off, as he lost the next set 0-6. Murray led the fourth set 4-2 before the match was suspended due to darkness. It will be finished tomorrow.

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