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The LSU women's basketball team is set to officially visit the White House on May 26, the program announced Monday. The Tigers won LSU's first ever basketball national title -- men's or women's -- in Kim Mulkey's second year as the head coach in April.

Angel Reese and her teammates will become the fourth LSU athletic team to celebrate their national championship at the White House. The football and baseball teams, as well as the track and field program, have also visited. 

In the aftermath of their national championship, there was some controversy around LSU when first lady Jill Biden suggested inviting both the Tigers and runner-up Iowa to the White House. Reese called that suggestion a "joke" on social media.

Jill Biden's press secretary quickly walked back those comments, and it all led to LSU confirming that the team will in fact go to the White House. There was still some question about whether Reese would accompany her teammates, but she cleared the air in a 'SportsCenter' appearance shortly thereafter.

"I'm a team player," Reese said. "I'm gonna do what's best for the team. I'm the captain, so I'm gonna go."

Reese admitted that the team was initially hurt by Jill Biden's suggestion that Iowa should also get an invitation to the White House. However, the team didn't want to pass up an opportunity it may never get again.

"It hurt us in the moment, but you don't get that experience ever," Reese said. "Being able to go, I know my team wants to go for sure, and my coach is supportive of that. I'm gonna do what's best for the team."

The UConn men's basketball team, who earned their fifth national title in program history after defeating the San Diego State Aztecs, will also visit the White House on May 26.