In wrestling, a babyface is supposed to be a man of the people. WWE star Cody Rhodes has been taking that to a new level as he approaches his second consecutive WrestleMania main event. On Monday, that meant helping a couple with a gender reveal after Raw went off the air.

"I've just been alerted to something really wild," Rhodes said. "There's a sign here that says, 'Cody, are we having a boy or a girl?' I feel like we've got to find out, right?"

After it was revealed the couple would be having a boy, Rhodes attempted to prevent them from naming their son after him.

"If you want to name the boy Cody, don't," Rhodes said. "It's a terrible redneck name. You don't want to do it. Come on. My parents were crazy. I think they were drunk when they named me."

Rhodes has been going out of his way to create special moments for fans at both televised events and house shows.

Rhodes has taken time to visit with blind fans at events:

Show support for trans fans:

Giving a young fan celebrating his birthday the shoes off his own feet:

And even agreeing to be the best man at a fan's wedding, which he has confirmed he will take part in every part of the wedding expected of a groomsman:

Rhodes will face Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE universal championship in the main event of WrestleMania 40. This will be the second consecutive year that Rhodes attempts to "finish his story" but winning the title his late father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, was never able to win.

Fans have been very vocal in supporting Rhodes, even launching online campaigns to intervene when WWE appeared to shift to a match between Reigns and The Rock.

Rhodes' pure babyface actions in arenas around the world are a big reason why the fans have his back as arguably the biggest babyface over WWE's past decade or more.