Black Friday may be over, but shoppers are still finding incredible deals on smartwatchesheadphones and more this month. As we get closer to Christmas, Amazon is dropping prices lower than ever across tons of fitness trackers from Fitbit, Garmin and other leading brands.

One of the original wellness trackers, Fitbit devices track a wide range of health and fitness metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels and body temperature. Some of them can play your favorite music and send or receive text and call notifications.

Right now some of the brand's top-selling fitness trackers and smartwatches are on deep discount at Amazon. That includes the advanced stress management sidekick, Fitbit Sense 2 (33% off) and the new Fitbit Charge 6 ($30 off).

Shop this weekend's best Fitbit deals on Amazon

Stylish, small and packed with features, the name Fitbit is synonymous with health and wellness. With unbeatable deals on top-selling Fitbit models, there's never been a better time to prioritize your well-being with a new Fitbit.

Get Fitbit's latest fitness tracker for $30 off: Fitbit Charge 6


The latest in the Charge line, this fitness tracker reintroduces the haptic side button for easier navigation and a more accurate heart rate sensor than the Charge 5. That makes the Charge 6 the ideal fitness tracker for athletes who don't like the bulk of a smartwatch but still want some of that functionality.

The Charge 6 is a slimmer, lighter-weight wearable than other Fitbits, so it won't feel clunky even when you're running or lifting weights. But it has Fitbit Pay and built-in GPS so you can leave your phone at home and still have a way to navigate and buy a snack or drink while you're out.

The Charge 6 also has a skin temperature sensor and an EDA sensor so you'll get more detailed insights into your health and wellness with this Fitbit. You can even take an ECG for a more accurate read on your heart rate.

You can get the best-selling fitness tracker for $130 (reduced from $160) this weekend thanks to Amazon's deal. That makes it an even better deal than the previous generation Fitbit Charge 5 which is currently on sale for $140 (reduced from $150).

$130 at Amazon

Save 33% on Fitbit's most advanced stress management watch: Fitbit Sense 2


The Fitbit Sense 2 offers a Daily Stress Management Score, which gives insights into your body's reaction to stress and features mindfulness content to help lower stress levels.  

That score is based on a combination of heart rate, body temperature, breathing, and electrical currents on the surface of your skin. The Sense 2 is the only Fitbit that tracks your body response all day and alerts you when you might need to take a break. During that break, it can guide you through breathing exercises or meditations to help you de-stress.

At the end of the day, you'll get daily reports that show when your physical stress levels spiked and dropped throughout the day so you can better identify patterns around when, where and why you're feeling stressed.

This advanced smartwatch also tracks your sleep and gives you a daily readiness score based on your sleep quality, fitness level and workout history. The battery lasts over six days depending on activity.

Get the stress-busting sidekick while it's on sale at Amazon for just $230 (reduced from $300).

$230 at Amazon

Get a Fitbit for under $100: Fitbit Inspire 3


The Inspire 3 is a great introductory fitness tracker for people who are trying to incorporate more exercise into their routine. It's lightweight and unobtrusive so you'll barely notice it's there but it can still give you comprehensive insights into your overall health and fitness levels along with periodic reminders to get moving if you've been sitting too long.

The slim, lightweight Inspire 3 can go up to 10 days in between charges, giving it the longest battery life of any Fitbit. Part of that extended battery life is the result of ditching the built-in GPS you get with the Versa 4, Sense 2 and Charge 5. But you can still connect to your phone's GPS via Bluetooth so you don't completely lose that functionality.

The Inspire 3 packs many of the advanced health and activity tracking features you look for in a Fitbit, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels and your daily activity levels. It can even send you notifications when your heart rhythm shows signs of being irregular.  

Get the most budget-friendly Fitbit at an even more affordable price this weekend. Amazon has dropped the price to just $80 (reduced from $100).

$80 at Amazon

A Fitbit alternative for 43% off: Google Pixel Watch


Technically not a Fitbit activity tracker, Google now owns Fitbit and its Pixel Watch utilizes Fitbit technology so we say this deal still counts. With the recent launch of the Pixel Watch 2, the first-generation watch has dropped to almost half its price on Amazon. So you have a chance to get a watch regularly priced at $350 for just $200. 

In addition to tons of Fitbit-like features, the Pixel Watch also features Google Wallet so you can go for a run or hit the gym wallet-free, using your watch to pay for things instead. 

Other Google features, like Maps and calendar notifications, are integrated as well. So you can stay connected and productive on the go by using your watch to respond to texts, manage your email inbox and make calls.

It's like getting the best of Fitbit and the best of Google's ecosystem blended into one stylish wash that's 43% off. 

$200 at Amazon

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