With so many incredible smartwatch deals this holiday shopping season, you can get a head start on your fitness goals for the new year by upgrading your smartwatch now. While we love the Apple Watch 9 -- especially for iPhone users -- we have also been really impressed with Google's Pixel Watch. It's a sleek, stylish way to get all the benefits of a fitness tracker along with all the other convenient features of a daily smartwatch.

Best of all, the first-generation Pixel Watch is over 40% off on Amazon right now, so you can get the advanced smartwatch at its lowest price yet.

Get 43% off the first-generation Google Pixel Watch


With the recent launch of the Pixel Watch 2, the first-generation watch has dropped to almost half its price on Amazon. The retailer usually sells it for $350, but Amazon dropped the price on the Wi-Fi version of the first generation Pixel Watch to just $200. The retailer is also offering the Pixel Watch LTE for $250 (reduced from $400).

The stylish watch offers multisport tracking, a heart rate sensor and tons of sleep tracking features so you can better manage your fitness and your recovery with a single watch. In addition to tons of Fitbit-like features, the Pixel Watch also features Google Wallet so you can go for a run or hit the gym wallet-free, using your watch to pay for things instead. 

Other Google features, like Maps and calendar notifications, are integrated as well. So you can stay connected and productive on the go by using your watch to respond to texts, manage your email inbox and make calls.

While the first generation Pixel Watch doesn't offer the same stress management tools or improved heart rate sensor as the new Pixel Watch 2, it's still a great smartwatch with tons of useful health and fitness features. And it happens to be on deep discount.

Top features of the Pixel Watch:

  • Leave your wallet at home and pay for things with Google Wallet on your watch.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps on your watch.
  • The watch is waterproof down to 50 meters so you can swim or shower with it on.
  • Respond to texts or make calls from your wrist.
  • Track 40 different exercises.
  • Track heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep activity. 
$200 at Amazon

Save $50 on the new Pixel Watch 2


The Pixel Watch 2 looks almost identical to its predecessor but comes with some exciting upgrades and new health and fitness features. Some of the biggest changes include an improved heart rate sensor that's up to 40% more accurate even during intense workouts, a skin temperature sensor and a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor. Measuring changes in the electrical currents on the surface of your skin, the cEDA sensor helps the watch track your stress levels.

Beyond stress management, the new Pixel Watch 2 packs tons of new fitness tools. You can now do heart rate zone training with real-time feedback and coaching during your workout when you go above or below your target zone. You can also do pace training, with similar real-time alerts when you go above or below your target pace.

Right now, Amazon is offering the Wi-Fi version new Pixel Watch for just $295 (reduced from $ 350). The Pixel Watch 2 LTE is also on sale for $350 (reduced from $400).

Top features of the Pixel Watch 2:

  • New Gmail and Calendar integrations let you reply to emails and accept or decline invites from your watch.
  • Safety Check lets you set a timer for your watch to check in and, if you don't confirm you're ok, it will send your real-time location to your emergency contacts or contact emergency services for you.
  • The battery can last a full 24 hours, even when it's powering the always-on display.
  • With even faster fast charging, you can go from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • Google Assistant lets you request health and fitness insights with your voice.
  • Automatic exercise detection is available for seven exercises.
  • The improved aluminum housing is 30 grams lighter, making it more comfortable to wear while working out.
$295 at Amazon

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