In a crazy story out of Brazil this weekend, a man who attended a mixed martial arts fight as a fan ended up going home as the organization's new welterweight champion.

According to MMA Fighting, 22-year-old Luis Felipe Alvim initially attended Juiz de Fora Fight 18 as a spectator, but he was called upon to serve as an emergency fighter in the welterweight title bout after one of the combatants, Claudinei Kall, pulled out of the fight. Kall was apparently upset that his opponent, Carlos Eduardo Rufino, weighed in above the 170-pound limit. 

The event's organizers weren't able to find a suitable replacement for Kall, so that's when they turned to Alvim, who had never previously competed in MMA but trained in muay thai and jiu-jitsu. Alvim earned a black belt in muay thai while training under UFC lightweight Felipe Silva, who convinced the fight promoter that Alvim was worthy of stepping into the octagon. Ultimately, he was officially penciled in about 40 minutes before the fight was scheduled to begin. 

Not only did Alvim make his MMA debut in front of 1,500 people in a title fight, he won.

Alvim was able to force Rufino to tap via a triangle choke, handing the pro his second career loss. The welterweight belt went to Alvim. 

To make the night even more special, the 22-year-old proposed to his girlfriend from inside the octagon immediately after the fight. She said yes, and he credited the movie "Troy" for granting him the inspiration to make it all happen.

"I showed my girlfriend — my fiancee now [laughs] — the trailer of the movie Troy yesterday," he said, "in which this kid tells Achilles he'd never fight a giant like Achilles was about to do, and Achilles says 'that's why your name won't be remembered.' That stuck in my mind."

This story almost sounds too absurd to be true, but we should all know to not doubt the magic of Brad Pitt circa 2004.