On a general list of bad ideas, offending a mixed martial arts fighter has to be near the top. A creep in Brazil learned that lesson the hard way before being arrested on charges of sexual harassment. 

While doing a photoshoot in Rio De Janeiro recently, Brazilian amateur fighter Joyce Vieira noticed a nearby onlooker acting suspiciously. Vieira initially couldn't tell what the strange man was doing, but she eventually discovered that he was fondling himself while he watching the shoot. 

She verbally confronted the man, who was later identified as 27-year-old Josinei Ferreira, and told him to stop. That proved to be ineffective, as Ferreira allegedly continued to touch himself and responded to Vieira by saying, "Why, you don't like it? Come here."

That decision was ill-advised, as it prompted Vieira to get utilize her fighting skills. She went after the man, who had his trunks pulled down, and kicked him. He reportedly attempted to fight back but quickly realized that the woman he was messing with was fully capable of ruining his day.

"[His] punch made me even angrier. I wanted to kill him," Vieira told a Brazilian newspaper following the incident, according to a translation on Deadspin.

Ferreira had enough sense to run away before the MMA fighter could inflict serious damage. Unfortunately, he couldn't quite evade the police, who arrested him. He's still awaiting a ruling, but he has denied that he was masturbating and instead claimed that he was "peeing."

Some photos of the incident were posted to Facebook and have circulated around the internet, and it certainly looks like the guy was not ready for the wrath that came his way.

Here's a timely reminder to not be a creep, and definitely don't be a creep around an MMA fighter who is willing and able to destroy you.