Power drills and private parts are a dangerous combination. Nobody knows that more than UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell right now. 

Mitchell took to social media to share an unexpected update on his medical status on Tuesday, and -- boy, oh boy -- was it ever horrifying. The 23-year-old was apparently doing some woodwork this week when the power drill he had in his pocket accidentally turned on, doing quite a lot of damage to his, um, testicular region in the process. 

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He provided a rather blunt and graphic summary of the incident. 

Thankfully, he refrained from sharing any photos of the physical carnage, but he couldn't resist uploading a (very disgusting) photo of his blood-soaked boxer shorts in the aftermath. Go ahead and click that link at your own peril.

Mitchell, who is 10-0 in the UFC, will obviously be out of commission for a little while, as he needs some time to allow his beanbag to recover. (I'm not totally sure what the recovery process looks like with this sort of injury. I have to imagine it's something along the lines of "do a whole lot of nothing.") 

Thankfully, he seems to be in good spirits, which likely means it could have ended a whole lot worse. If you can take away two things from this story, they should probably be: A) don't make dumb, punny jokes to anyone who just suffered a horrific groin injury, and B) for the love of God, don't stick a power drill in your pocket.