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The rosters for the 2022 NBA Rising Stars Challenge, which will employ a new four-team format, were officially announced on Friday. The selections for the roster were divided into three categories: rookies, sophomores and, for the first time, players from the G League Ignite. 

Twelve rookies and 12 sophomores were selected for the roster, along with four players from the Ignite. The event will take place on Friday, Feb. 18 during All-Star Weekend in Cleveland. In a change from previous years in which the traditional game would sometimes devolve into a series of one-on-one challenges or an informal dunk contest, this year's game will feature four teams competing in a mini-tournament.

Below are the four seven-player teams for the evening's competition, coached by members of the NBA 75 team Rick Barry, Isiah Thomas, Gary Payton and James Worthy, followed by a breakdown of the new format.

NBA Rising Stars rosters

Team Barry

Team Isiah

Team Payton

*Injury replacement for Duarte, who will not play due to a toe injury

Team Worthy

*Nuggets rookie Bones Hyland has been named an injury replacement. (Team still to be determined.)

Instead of Team World vs. Team USA (and Rookies vs. Sophomores before that), this year's Rising Stars will feature three games between the four teams in what the league is referring to as a "mini-tournament." 

The first two teams will play against each other, as will the second two teams, and the winners of those game will play against each other to determine the ultimate victor.

The event promises to be an exciting one, as it features no shortage of young talent. Many of the league's brightest young stars will be on display, and most will be eager to make an impression on such a big stage. It will also be interesting to see how the players from the Ignite fare against the league's first and second-year players. If you're wondering who All-Star rosters are going to be comprised of in the near future, look no further than this event.