This past Saturday marked the type of weekend many of us expected more of this season from the super-hyped quarterback class of 2018. 

All the top signal-callers were really good -- at minimally varying degrees -- which served as a reminder to the people like myself who've been down on this group's showing in 2017 that they have franchise quarterback potential. Now, potential doesn't always translate to production in the NFL, but this was a fun, impressive weekend of football for the likes of Mason Rudolph, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield and even Ryan Finley. 

Here's a look at the updated stocks of the draft's top signal-caller prospects.  

1. Mason RudolphOklahoma State

Stock Up, Slightly   

Rudolph had one of his gutsiest performances of the season against an Iowa State team no one really wants to play, especially in Ames this time of year. He went 25 of 31 for 376 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Also, he proved he doesn't have to rely on hitting a few deep balls each game to make a sizable impact. James Washington only had one reception. Rudolph managed the pocket well, didn't get antsy when his first read was covered, and allowed his receivers to make plays. 

It wasn't a dazzling performance. But another solid one from Rudolph, whom if I had to guess, is still nursing a shoulder injury. The velocity on his passes did look better on Saturday than they had over the past few weeks though. 

Mason Rudolph helped the Cowboys avoid an upset in Ames.  USATSI

2. Lamar Jackson, Louisville

Stock Up, Slightly

A stat line of 15 completions on 26 attempts, 195 passing yards and three passing touchdowns isn't earth shattering, but Jackson was superb against a pesky Virginia club. He displayed impeccable touch on two touchdown passes, and pro-level pocket management on one of those strikes. Some of his incompletions were overthrows and forces down the middle of the field, but I'd like to take a moment to discuss something else, which I never thought I'd need to -- Jackson's running ability. 

There seems to be an obsession over his development as a passer, but the guy is seriously a more controlled Mike Vick as a scrambler, and despite Vick's accuracy issues in the NFL, the guy, especially early in his pro career, was unstoppable running the football. Jackson had 147 yards on 15 carries, which included a super-easy 68-yard score against the Cavaliers. Most of his running production will translate to the NFL level. It's an aspect of his game, that, somehow, is being sort of being overlooked.     

3. Sam Darnold, USC

Stock Up 

Darnold had his best game of the year on Saturday in Boulder. Beyond all the specific analysis of his throws, the USC quarterback looked more assertive than ever, trusting of what he saw before simply letting it rip. And it's not as if Darnold was tentative by any stretch of the imagination before, it's just that he seemingly looked for the home run too often, which led to crazy improvisations behind the line and, yes, turnovers. 

His touch deep down the sideline was tremendous, and he threw with more zip than I've seen all season. Having plenty of time to throw in the pocket undoubtedly helped, but Darnold looked like the real deal against a below-average Buffaloes defense. 

Sam Darnold carved up the Buffaloes defense in Boulder.  USATSI

4. Josh Rosen, UCLA

Stock Up

It wasn't a glamorous start for Rosen. Once he got going through, he was first-round caliber. His touchdown pass at the start of the fourth quarter was a thing of beauty, and he avoided being sacked all evening. His throw sailed on the interception, but I've seen worse picks. His rhythm was back, for the most part. Rosen desperately needed a bounce-back game after going out with an injury before UCLA was idle for a week.

A gigantic battle against Darnold looms large this upcoming week, which might not just be for bragging rights in Los Angeles for a year, but a duel to be the first quarterback taken in the 2018 NFL draft. 

5. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

Stock Up

As mentioned last week, I hadn't fully hopped on the Mayfield bandwagon, and while I'm still not jumping onto it yet, I'm thinking about doing so after his outing against a stingy TCU defense. He didn't stare down his receivers in most occasions and flashed awesome touch down the field. 

The talent around Mayfield is undeniable though, and Rodney Anderson might be the most underrated running back in the country. Beyond the deep-ball connections, Mayfield's limited scrambling is what I liked the most about his game against the Horned Frogs.

Baker Mayfield was electric against TCU. USATSI

6. Ryan Finley, NC State

Stock Up, Slightly

Believe it or not, this was the third-consecutive contest in which Finley's stat line did him a disservice. I mean, 13 of 32 for 132 yards with one touchdown and one pick. Bad game, right? Not really. Finley wasn't his pinpoint-accurate self all afternoon against a feisty Boston College team, but Wolfpack receivers were credited with four drops, per Pro Football Focus. 

Based on what he could control, I was surprised to see Finley's stat line at the end of the game. He ran well too. He reminds me of Ryan Tannehill. Similar delivery, unheralded accuracy, and pocket-drifting skills. 

Honorable Mention: Drew Lock, Missouri

Tennessee is clearly having major issues, yet Lock and Co. undoubtedly took care of business against the Volunteers. The junior quarterback completed just 13 of 28 passes -- yet dealt with six drops, per PFF -- yet found the end zone four times and had 217 yards. With the score 24-17 in the third quarter, the 6-foot-4, 225-pound uncorked a 55-yard laser beam to Emanuel Hall for a highlight-reel touchdown. Lock plays in an uptempo, wide open offense that features a variety of vertical routes, but he's made a clear stride as a passer from a season ago and has NFL size and arm strength.