Where have all the top free agents gone? With only a few big names left on the market, you can see exactly what deals were struck by the cream of the crop right here in this space.   

Here are your top 50 NFL free agents for 2019, and details on where they've been ... and where they're headed. Check this page regularly for the latest updates. 

The 2019 NFL free agent rankings are determined by CBSSports.com Senior NFL Writer Pete Prisco. Not all free agents will be listed.

More big moves:

Note: This list is based on players available as of March 8.

RankPlayerPOSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1DEReported 5 years, $90M
2SSReported 6 years, $84M
Trent Brown (27)
OTReported 4 years, $66M
4LBReported 5 years, $85M
5RBReported 4 years, $52.5M
6CReported 3 years, $27M
7LBReported 5 years, $67.5M
8FSReported 3 years, $42M
9FSReported 4 years, $55M
10CBReported 3 years, $21M
11OTReported 4 years, $51M
12LBReported 4 years, $52M
13LBReported 4 years, $66M
14QBReported 4 years, $88M
15SSReported 4 years $37M
16WRReported 4 years, $44M
17GReported 4 years, $44M
18NTReported 1 year, $9.25M
19OTReported 1 year, $7M
20CBReported 1 year, $8.5M
21WRReported 4 years, $37.5M
22FSReported 4 years, $42M
23CReported 4 years, $44.5M
24DTReported 3 years, $39M
25LBReported 1 year, $14M
26RBReported 2 years, $10M
27QBReported 1 year, $7.25M
28CBReported 3 years, $25M
29DEReported 1 year, $3.75M
30SSReported 1 year, $3.5M
31DTReported 1 year
32RBReported 3 years, $15M
33LBReported 2 years, $15.5M
34WRReported 3 years, $27M
35DEReported 3 years, $25.2M
36SSReported 3 years, $33M
37CBReported 1 year, $4.5M
38WRReported 4 years, $36M
39WRReported 3 years, $28.5M
40CBReported 1 year, $5M
41LBReported 1 year, $5M
42DEReported 1 year, $1.25M
43LBReported 2 years, $12M
44CBReported 4 years, $36M
45WRReported 4 years, $29M
46CBReported 2 years, $10M
48LBReported 1 year, $4M
49LBReported 4 years, $36M
50SReported 1 year, $2M