Nick Kyrgios has made headlines plenty of times before for his actions during matches. During Tuesday's doubles action at the Australian Open, he did once again -- but it was not intentional.

Kyrgios hit a shot into the crowd out of frustration during a double match with partner Tanasi Kokkinakis and the ball ended up striking a young fan in the stomach. Kyrgios was visibly upset by his actions.

The youngster was not at all seriously injured, and Kyrgios decided to ease the young fan's pain by gifting him his racket.

Leading up to that moment, Kyrgios missed a serve and was extremely frustrated with himself. Right after he launched the ball into the stands, the crowd began to boo the Australian tennis star.

Once he got control of his emotions, you could see Kyrgios felt awful about hitting the youngster.

"I saw it heading towards the kid and I thought, 'Oh, no, I am getting defaulted,'" Kyrgios said following the match. "I was glad he was OK and I gave him the racket."

As of Wednesday, Kyrgios didn't face any sort of disciplinary action for his error in judgement. Kyrgios and Kokkinakis ended up going on to defeat their opponents, Tim Putz and Michael Venus, in three sets.