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Whether you just finished a high-intensity workout or simply spent a whole day on your feet, wearing recovery shoes is a great way to let your tired and aching feet take a break while still going about your day-to-day activities.

Unlike your typical running shoe or walking shoe, the best recovery shoes tend to be lighter and come with enhanced cushioning. "They are softer because they aren't built to protect from trauma during the exercise," Sergii Pustov, Ph.D, Head of Sport Science at Torokhtiy Weightlifting told CBS Sports Essentials.

Keep reading for our picks of the best recovery shoes in 2024.

Best recovery shoes overall: Hoka Ora 3


The Hoka Ora 3 is one of the most popular recovery slides on the market right now, and it's easy to see why. The dual-density EVA foam soles are surprisingly lightweight so your tired post-workout feet won't feel weighed down. 

It's also a bit more responsive than your typical recovery shoe so you get a little bounce in your step to minimize the energy needed to walk. That way, you can give your tired feet a break even on days when you don't have time to slow down. Hoka's wide Active Foot Frame gives your foot room to move while still providing just enough support to gently cradle your heel and arch.

The Hoka Ora 3 is a versatile recovery shoe that you can put on to run errands on your rest days or just wear around the house after a workout. Get a pair for $60 at Hoka.

Top features of the Hoka Ora 3:

  • A tall stack of plush cushioning cradles your feet.
  • The breathable open-toe design keeps your feet from overheating.
  • Lightweight EVA foam makes these some of the lightest recovery shoes available.
$60 at Hoka

Softest recovery shoe: Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog


Let your feet sink into the cushioning of these Mellow Recovery Clogs from Crocs, featuring deep, cupped footbeds and the brand's pillowy soft LiteRide foam.

Where a running or walking shoe would be bouncy and responsive to propel each footstep, the Mellow Clog is decidedly not bouncy. They're meant for walking slow and letting your foot melt into the gentle cushioning with each step.

That makes these Crocs our favorite recovery shoes for rest days. Wear them right after running a marathon or after a long day when it's time to kick back and do absolutely nothing but relax and recover.

Top features of the Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog:

  • The ultra-soft LiteRide foam gently molds around your foot for the cushiest footsteps you'll ever take.
  • The roomy slide gives your foot room to move and flex naturally.
  • Vents on the side add breathability so your feet don't overheat while wearing them.
$60 at Crocs

Best recovery shoes for all-day wear: Oofos Oomg Eezee


This slip-on shoe wraps around your foot with a breathable, four-way stretch fabric that offers a secure fit without a hint of pinching or tightness. That's what makes them ideal for all-day wear. That snug yet flexible fit allows you to walk or stand all day in these Oofos.

With the shock-absorbing Oofoam technology and gentle arch support, your foot will stay comfortable and fatigue-free, even if you need to stay on your feet on your recovery day. 

Top features of the Ooofos Oomg Eezee:

  • The four-way stretch fabric upper provides a snug but not restrictive fit.
  • Proprietary Oofoam technology provides next-level shock absorption to protect your feet and joints.
  • Grippy traction on the outsole adds stability. 
  • Gentle arch support prevents fatigue without overly restricting the movement of your foot.
$130 at Oofos

Best recovery boot for winter: Ugg Tasman Weather Hybrid


Don't let cold weather stop you from enjoying the plush comfort of a great recovery shoe. The Ugg Tasman Weather Hybrid blends everything you love about Ugg boots with everything you need in a recovery shoe. 

The contoured EVA footbed and 17mm of the brand's signature wool-blend plush lining envelop your foot in cloud-like softness and comfort, just as a good recovery shoe should. Then, it adds a waterproof, seam-sealed suede upper, grippy rubber traction and enough insulation power to withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Top features of the Ugg Tasman Weather Hybrid:

  • A contoured EVA footbed absorbs impact and cushions each step.
  • Thick wool-blend UGGplush lining insulates your feet and adds even more soft cushioning for extra comfort.
  • The fact that they're waterproof and high-traction make these the perfect recovery shoe for winter.
$150 at Ugg

Best recovery shoes for plantar fasciitis: Hyper Arch Motion

Hyper Arch Motion

The Hyper Arch Motion is a true orthopedic shoe offering maximum arch support to help improve alignment to take stress off of your ankles and knees. The memory foam insole cushions each step and absorbs impact to prevent pain and allow your feet to heel. 

With extra padding around the heel and a ventilated design, these shoes prevent overheating and friction, even if you're wearing them all day long. 

As soft and supportive as they are, that orthopedic level of arch support might be a bit much if you aren't dealing with plantar fasciitis, flat feet or another condition where maximum support is needed.

In other words, these recovery shoes are great for days when your feet are in pain. But we recommend grabbing one of the other options on this list to wear on days when your feet are pain-free but just need some extra cushioning to recover properly. 

Top features of the Hyper Arch Motion:

  • This orthopedic shoe helps correct alignment to take the stress off of your joints when you walk.
  • The memory foam and EVA foam blend in the midsole is pillowy-soft and molds to your feet while offering just a hint of bounce to propel each step.
  • A breathable mesh upper and ventilated sole ensure your feet don't get hot.
$100 at Hyper Arch Motion

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What makes a good recovery shoe?

Since the goal is comfort and pressure relief, the best recovery shoes offer tons of cushioning. "Good cushioning absorbs shock and minimizes the strain on joints and muscles, so they enter the recovery phase earlier and recover faster," said Pustov.

Another key criterion to look for, according to Pustov: arch support. "Arch support is crucial for maintaining proper foot alignment and reducing stress on the feet during recovery," Pustov noted. "Adequate arch support helps to distribute pressure evenly across the foot and as a result, prevent overuse injuries."

What is the purpose of recovery shoes?

Worn after a workout or a long day on your feet, the purpose of recovery shoes is to provide comfort and support to your feet while reducing pain and muscle fatigue. "These shoes provide the necessary support while allowing the feet to move naturally, aiding in strengthening and conditioning," says Dr. Matthew Perry, PT, DPT and Founder of Auto-Ness Physical Therapy in San Diego.

While regular shoes can have lots of cushioning, they tend to be a bit more rigid and structured. So you're not getting the same freedom of movement as you do in a pair of Crocs or recovery slides.