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Editor's Note: All rankings updated as of Friday at 4 p.m. EST to reflect the latest news and changes our experts have made.

PPR Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DST

Note: All rankings for Standard scoring.

Quarterback Rankings

Week 15 QB Rank
player headshot
Jamey Eisenberg
player headshot
Dave Richard
player headshot
Heath Cummings
1Russell Wilson SEA (vs LAR) Russell Wilson SEA (vs LAR) Tom Brady NE (at PIT)
2Tom Brady NE (at PIT) Dak Prescott DAL (at OAK) Ben Roethlisberger PIT (vs NE)
3Ben Roethlisberger PIT (vs NE) Philip Rivers LAC (at KC) Philip Rivers LAC (at KC)
4Aaron Rodgers GB (at CAR) Ben Roethlisberger PIT (vs NE) Russell Wilson SEA (vs LAR)
5Dak Prescott DAL (at OAK) Tom Brady NE (at PIT) Matthew Stafford DET (vs CHI)
6Philip Rivers LAC (at KC) Aaron Rodgers GB (at CAR) Aaron Rodgers GB (at CAR)
7Drew Brees NO (vs NYJ) Case Keenum MIN (vs CIN) Matt Ryan ATL (at TB)
8Case Keenum MIN (vs CIN) Drew Brees NO (vs NYJ) Kirk Cousins WAS (vs ARI)
9Cam Newton CAR (vs GB) Cam Newton CAR (vs GB) Drew Brees NO (vs NYJ)
10Matthew Stafford DET (vs CHI) Matthew Stafford DET (vs CHI) Blake Bortles JAC (vs HOU)
11Blake Bortles JAC (vs HOU) Matt Ryan ATL (at TB) Case Keenum MIN (vs CIN)
12Matt Ryan ATL (at TB) Blake Bortles JAC (vs HOU) Cam Newton CAR (vs GB)

Trusting Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers was cleared Saturday, and we're ranking him as if you should start him. Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger are the only quarterbacks that we all agree you should start over Rodgers. I would add Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford to that list, but the general theme remains the same: You should probably start Aaron Rodgers if he plays.

Letting your season ride with Blake Bortles: Bortles is my favorite Week 15 streaming option and he's a top-12 quarterback for two of us. He's also been a top-12 quarterback each of the past three weeks. Maybe more importantly, he's facing the Houston TexansJoe Flacco is the only quarterback in the past two months who hasn't reached 17 Fantasy points against this defense and five of the last seven quarterbacks to face the Texans have scored at least 23 Fantasy points. I would start Bortles over Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Jared Goff and Dak Prescott. Speaking of Prescott...

No consensus on Dak Prescott: Dave has Prescott as his No. 1 quarterback, I don't have him in the top 12. What gives? To be fair, I was pretty certain when I first saw the schedule that I would be starting Prescott this week; here's where it went wrong: 

  • Prescott has been neither high volume (33 attempts per game) or highly efficient (6.9 Y/A). Even with a small bump due to the Raiders bad pas defense I have him at 231 yards on the through the air, which is the 22nd highest in Week 15.
  • The Cowboys are implied to score 24 points this week by Las Vegas. That translates to roughly two touchdowns without a bunch of upside from there.
  • I only have Prescott projected for 1.2 Fantasy points less than Drew Brees, but there are a lot of quarterbacks jammed into that range.

Running Back Rankings

Week 15 RB Rank
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Jamey Eisenberg
player headshot
Dave Richard
player headshot
Heath Cummings
1Todd Gurley LAR (at SEA) Todd Gurley LAR (at SEA) Todd Gurley LAR (at SEA)
2Le'Veon Bell PIT (vs NE) Le'Veon Bell PIT (vs NE) Le'Veon Bell PIT (vs NE)
3Devonta Freeman ATL (at TB) Devonta Freeman ATL (at TB) Mark Ingram NO (vs NYJ)
4Alvin Kamara NO (vs NYJ) Alvin Kamara NO (vs NYJ) Alvin Kamara NO (vs NYJ)
5Kenyan Drake MIA (at BUF) Kenyan Drake MIA (at BUF) Devonta Freeman ATL (at TB)
6Alex Collins BAL (at CLE) Mark Ingram NO (vs NYJ) Kenyan Drake MIA (at BUF)
7Jordan Howard CHI (at DET) Jordan Howard CHI (at DET) Alex Collins BAL (at CLE)
8Mark Ingram NO (vs NYJ) Melvin Gordon LAC (at KC) Jamaal Williams GB (at CAR)
9LeSean McCoy BUF (vs MIA) LeSean McCoy BUF (vs MIA) Kareem Hunt KC (vs LAC)
10Melvin Gordon LAC (at KC) Alex Collins BAL (at CLE) Melvin Gordon LAC (at KC)
11Latavius Murray MIN (vs CIN) Rex Burkhead NE (at PIT) Alfred Morris DAL (at OAK)
12Kareem Hunt KC (vs LAC) Alfred Morris DAL (at OAK) Samaje Perine WAS (vs ARI)
13Alfred Morris DAL (at OAK) Kareem Hunt KC (vs LAC) LeSean McCoy BUF (vs MIA)
14Chris Ivory JAC (vs HOU) Chris Ivory JAC (vs HOU) Jordan Howard CHI (at DET)
15Carlos Hyde SF (vs TEN) Latavius Murray MIN (vs CIN) C.J. Anderson DEN (at IND)
16Rex Burkhead NE (at PIT) Carlos Hyde SF (vs TEN) Carlos Hyde SF (vs TEN)
17Jamaal Williams GB (at CAR) Jay Ajayi PHI (at NYG) Giovani Bernard CIN (at MIN)
18C.J. Anderson DEN (at IND) Jamaal Williams GB (at CAR) Jay Ajayi PHI (at NYG)
19Jay Ajayi PHI (at NYG) Jonathan Stewart CAR (vs GB) Mike Davis SEA (vs LAR)
20Jonathan Stewart CAR (vs GB) Dion Lewis NE (at PIT) Latavius Murray MIN (vs CIN)
21Samaje Perine WAS (vs ARI) Samaje Perine WAS (vs ARI) Marshawn Lynch OAK (vs DAL)
22Mike Davis SEA (vs LAR) Marshawn Lynch OAK (vs DAL) Lamar Miller HOU (at JAC)
23Dion Lewis NE (at PIT) Lamar Miller HOU (at JAC) Chris Ivory JAC (vs HOU)
24Marshawn Lynch OAK (vs DAL) Mike Davis SEA (vs LAR) Frank Gore IND (vs DEN)

Kenyan Drake is for real: Call it chasing points if you like, but Kenyan Drake is a consensus top-10 running back in our Week 15 rankings. I am the highest on him at No. 5. Drake has played two games as the feature back in Miami and he's totaled 334 yards from scrimmage. The moves he put on the Patriots on Monday night were intoxicating and he's staying involved in the passing game as well. He also has a great matchup.

Of the last six teams to face the Bills, five have topped 130 rushing yards and three have rushed for more than 180 yards. 

What do we make of the Patriots? Our rankings of the Patriots running backs are all over the place. Jamey has both in the top-10, Dave is the highest on Burkhead (13th), while I don't have either ranked in the top 20. Quite frankly that makes sense because we're about to see the Patriots offense for the first time with this backfield configuration and both Chris Hogan and Rob Gronkowski on the field. That creates a lot of uncertainty, especially when it comes to targets. I like Burkhead the most because of his goalline duties, but both of these running backs are borderline No. 2s for me.

Wide Receiver Rankings

Week 15 WR Rank
player headshot
Jamey Eisenberg
player headshot
Dave Richard
player headshot
Heath Cummings
1Antonio Brown PIT (vs NE) Antonio Brown PIT (vs NE) Antonio Brown PIT (vs NE)
2Keenan Allen LAC (at KC) Michael Thomas NO (vs NYJ) Julio Jones ATL (at TB)
3Michael Thomas NO (vs NYJ) DeAndre Hopkins HOU (at JAC) Keenan Allen LAC (at KC)
4Julio Jones ATL (at TB) Keenan Allen LAC (at KC) Michael Thomas NO (vs NYJ)
5Adam Thielen MIN (vs CIN) Adam Thielen MIN (vs CIN) Adam Thielen MIN (vs CIN)
6Davante Adams GB (at CAR) Julio Jones ATL (at TB) Brandin Cooks NE (at PIT)
7Brandin Cooks NE (at PIT) Josh Gordon CLE (vs BAL) Demaryius Thomas DEN (at IND)
8Doug Baldwin SEA (vs LAR) Davante Adams GB (at CAR) Michael Crabtree OAK (vs DAL)
9DeAndre Hopkins HOU (at JAC) Devin Funchess CAR (vs GB) Devin Funchess CAR (vs GB)
10Devin Funchess CAR (vs GB) Doug Baldwin SEA (vs LAR) Larry Fitzgerald ARI (at WAS)
11Dez Bryant DAL (at OAK) Brandin Cooks NE (at PIT) Marquise Goodwin SF (vs TEN)
12Josh Gordon CLE (vs BAL) Dez Bryant DAL (at OAK) DeAndre Hopkins HOU (at JAC)
13Marvin Jones DET (vs CHI) Marvin Jones DET (vs CHI) Doug Baldwin SEA (vs LAR)
14Michael Crabtree OAK (vs DAL) Larry Fitzgerald ARI (at WAS) Tyreek Hill KC (vs LAC)
15Demaryius Thomas DEN (at IND) Alshon Jeffery PHI (at NYG) Davante Adams GB (at CAR)
16A.J. Green CIN (at MIN) Demaryius Thomas DEN (at IND) Marvin Jones DET (vs CHI)
17Alshon Jeffery PHI (at NYG) Tyreek Hill KC (vs LAC) Marqise Lee JAC (vs HOU)
18Tyreek Hill KC (vs LAC) A.J. Green CIN (at MIN) Dede Westbrook JAC (vs HOU)
19Marquise Goodwin SF (vs TEN) Marquise Goodwin SF (vs TEN) Josh Gordon CLE (vs BAL)
20Jarvis Landry MIA (at BUF) Jarvis Landry MIA (at BUF) A.J. Green CIN (at MIN)
21Larry Fitzgerald ARI (at WAS) Mike Evans TB (vs ATL) Mike Wallace BAL (at CLE)
22Stefon Diggs MIN (vs CIN) Marqise Lee JAC (vs HOU) Mohamed Sanu ATL (at TB)
23Marqise Lee JAC (vs HOU) Stefon Diggs MIN (vs CIN) Jarvis Landry MIA (at BUF)
24Dede Westbrook JAC (vs HOU) Chris Hogan NE (at PIT) Dez Bryant DAL (at OAK)

DeAndre Hopkins faces a tall task: Hopkins and the Texans travel to Jacksonville to face a defense that until last week had dominated No. 1 receivers. Well, No. 1 receivers besides Hopkins. In Week 1 Hopkins had seven catches for 55 yards and a touchdown on 19 targets. He'll probably need that type of volume again, but there's no reason to think he won't get it. He's a top-13 receiver for all three of us, but I don't see enough upside to rank him where I normally do.

You forgot to rank Mike Evans! No, I didn't. I have him at 38 this week. Yes, that's terrifyingly low. No, I don't plan on changing it. 

Since Jameis Winston came back from his injury he's not zeroing in on anybody. Evans leads the team with a 16 percent target share and at least eight players have five targets. Seeing as Evans has always been pretty inefficient basis, it isn't all that surprising that his numbers have gone in the tank. I don't actually believe that will last but even at a 22 percent target share his numbers don't look great. Does he have the upside to make this ranking look silly? Of course. But I don't see what reason we have to expect that upside this week.

Tight End Rankings

Week 15 TE Rank
player headshot
Jamey Eisenberg
player headshot
Dave Richard
player headshot
Heath Cummings
1Rob Gronkowski NE (at PIT) Rob Gronkowski NE (at PIT) Rob Gronkowski NE (at PIT)
2Zach Ertz PHI (at NYG) Zach Ertz PHI (at NYG) Travis Kelce KC (vs LAC)
3Travis Kelce KC (vs LAC) Travis Kelce KC (vs LAC) Zach Ertz PHI (at NYG)
4Delanie Walker TEN (at SF) Jimmy Graham SEA (vs LAR) Delanie Walker TEN (at SF)
5Jimmy Graham SEA (vs LAR) Delanie Walker TEN (at SF) Hunter Henry LAC (at KC)
6Hunter Henry LAC (at KC) Hunter Henry LAC (at KC) Jimmy Graham SEA (vs LAR)
7Jack Doyle IND (vs DEN) Jack Doyle IND (vs DEN) Jack Doyle IND (vs DEN)
8Evan Engram NYG (vs PHI) Kyle Rudolph MIN (vs CIN) Evan Engram NYG (vs PHI)
9Jason Witten DAL (at OAK) Jason Witten DAL (at OAK) Charles Clay BUF (vs MIA)
10Jared Cook OAK (vs DAL) Jared Cook OAK (vs DAL) Eric Ebron DET (vs CHI)
11Eric Ebron DET (vs CHI) Evan Engram NYG (vs PHI) Jason Witten DAL (at OAK)
12Kyle Rudolph MIN (vs CIN) Benjamin Watson BAL (at CLE) Kyle Rudolph MIN (vs CIN)

Mid-week update: Zach Ertz is back! Thank goodness. Ertz is immediately plugged in as a top-three tight end while Trey Burton falls out of relevance again. This is a slight bump up to Nick Foles and a slight hit on Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor.

JUST MISSED: Here are the next three in the rankings for each analyst, in case you need a streamer: