Spring training is here, and Major League Baseball's hot stove has finally heated up in recent weeks. Almost all of the top free agents have signed new deals, most recently Trevor Bauer, Marcell Ozuna and Justin Turner. But valuable players like Jake Odorizzi are still on the market. For the sake of keeping you, the baseball enthusiast, informed of the latest hot stove moves, we present our 2020-21 MLB Free Agent Tracker. 

In this post, we'll keep tabs on the 60 best free agents. This winter has been a long one for free agents, with teams taking a fiscally conservative approach because of the global pandemic. Nonetheless, the free-agent market opened back in November and we honored the occasion by ranking and analyzing the 60 best free agents available this winter. Why 60 instead of the customary 50? Because the market is bigger than usual, and so too should be the list.

Below you'll find our tracker, complete with the player, their rank, their last team, and their new team. We'll keep this updated throughout the offseason, so make sure to bookmark it for easy access.

2020-21 MLB Free Agent Tracker
RankPlayerPOSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1 CF Signed
2 C Signed
3 SP Signed
4 2B Signed
5 SP Accepted qualifying offer
6 DH Signed
7 3B Signed
8 DH Signed
9 SS Signed
Masahiro Tanaka (35)
Signed (NPB)
11 SS Signed
12 CF Signed
13 LF Signed
14 DH Signed
15 C Signed
16 SP Accepted qualifying offer
17 SS Signed
18 SP Signed
19 2B Signed
20 RP Signed
21 RP Signed
22 SP Signed
23 SP Signed
24 C Signed
25 RF Signed
26 LF Signed
27 SP Signed
28 SP Signed
29 SP Signed
30 SP Signed
31 2B Signed
32 2B Signed
33 LF Signed
34 RP Signed
35 RP Signed
36 RP Signed
37 RP Signed
38 RP Signed
39 2B Signed
40 RF
Free agent
41 2B Signed
42 1B Signed
43 1B Signed
44 DH/2B Signed
45 1B Signed
46 RP
Free agent
47 RP Signed
48 RP Signed
49 RP Signed
50 1B Signed
51 2B Signed
52 SP Signed
53 SP Signed
54 SP Signed
55 LF
Signed (KBO)
56 SP Signed
57 RP Signed
58 RP Signed
59 RP Signed
60 RP Signed