The NBA's Feb. 23 trade deadline isn't too far away, and the league is full of underachieving teams looking to make moves. This means that trade rumor season is upon us, and there's no shortage of speculation about what might happen. Here's a look at 25 players who could be moved in the next seven weeks:

Players possibly on the move
Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks PF
There's a good chance the three-time All-Star forward will be the biggest name to be traded. Rumors have heated up lately, and it's not the first time his future has been up in the air. While Millsap is saying that his heart is in Atlanta, the front office has to weigh the risk and reward of signing him to a maximum contract at the age of 32 next summer. For teams looking to challenge the Cavaliers in the East or the Warriors in the West, Millsap might be the difference between having a realistic shot and not.
Rudy Gay Sacramento Kings SF
It's sort of hard to believe that Gay is still in the place he called "basketball hell." He signed his extension with Sacramento in November 2014 believing that Michael Malone would remain the coach, and Malone was fired less than a month later. Since then, the Kings have pretty much been a mess, while he hasn't publicly demanded a trade, he changed agents this season and the organization knows he's not re-signing in July. Sacramento could keep him with the hope that he'll help them reach the playoffs for the first time since 2006, but it seems more likely that he'll go elsewhere. The Oklahoma City Thunder have reportedly been interested in him, and he'd give them another scoring option.
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings PF
It's still unclear if the Kings will be ready to move their best player anytime soon, but the speculation won't stop. Trading him would set the franchise back in the short term, but if it's only a matter of time until he's gone, it might be best to end this era and start something new. If Sacramento could get one of the Brooklyn Nets picks owed to the Boston Celtics, for example, it could find its next franchise player in the draft.
Brandon Knight Phoenix Suns PG
He's barely even playing now, and this is absolutely not what he envisioned when he re-signed with them in the summer of 2015. Teams like the Mavericks, Kings and Bulls could clearly use him, but will anybody be willing to pay up for the guy who lost his minutes not only to Devin Booker, but to Leandro Barbosa and Tyler Ulis?
Nerlens Noel Philadelphia 76ers PF
He wanted Philadelphia to clear out its center logjam before the season started, had elective surgery on his right knee in October and is now coming off the bench, probably dreaming of a day where he's starting somewhere else. Rather than dealing with his restricted free agency, the Sixers should probably trade him if they get anything close to a reasonable offer. His defense, rebounding and ability to roll hard to the basket mean that he should have more value in the modern NBA than the next guy on this list.
Jahlil Okafor Philadelphia 76ers C
For Philadelphia fans tired of his poor defense and rebounding, Okafor has become a whipping boy. This is sad to see, as he is a truly gifted offensive player. He doesn't fit at all with the Sixers' roster, though, and the flaws that were obvious in college have overshadowed his strengths in the NBA. He needs a fresh start and no one wants to see him try to play with Joel Embiid again, so a trade would be best for both sides.
Brook Lopez Brooklyn Nets C
It's a miracle he's never been traded. Lopez is in his ninth season with the team that drafted him, and Kenny Atkinson is his ninth head coach. Regardless of whether the Nets have been based in East Rutherford, Newark or Brooklyn, his name has always popped up in trade rumors from time to time. Thanks to the 3-point shot he's added to his arsenal this season, Lopez has perhaps never been more productive. The rebuilding Nets, however, would be silly not to move him if presented with a package of draft picks and prospects that can help them down the line.
Nikola Vucevic Orlando Magic C
Hmmm, another offense-first center with low-post skills. Vucevic has actually made strides as a defender this year, but Orlando created a Sixers-esque logjam when it signed Bismack Biyombo and traded for Serge Ibaka last summer. Vucevic is a fine player and perhaps the best reserve in the NBA right now, but he should be starting somewhere and the Magic do not appear to be committed to him.
Goran Dragic Miami Heat PG
Since training camp, the point guard has been saying all the right things about sticking things out in Miami. As soon as the awful Chris Bosh news hit, though, it's been obvious that the Heat should at least think about moving their point guard and bottoming out. It's tricky to find a good trade partner for Miami here, but it doesn't make much sense for a 30-year-old player of his caliber to remain there.
Ricky Rubio Minnesota Timberwolves PG
Rubio has had to deal with a diminished role in Tom Thibodeau's offense, and his replacement -- rookie Kris Dunn -- is already on the roster. It's no sure thing that Dunn will ever be as good as Rubio, but fans of the Spanish guard would probably prefer to see him in a more pick-and-roll-heavy system on a team that wants him around for the long haul.
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Kyle Korver Atlanta Hawks SG
It's a little weird to imagine Korver going elsewhere, as he's had his best years in Atlanta and Peak Performance Project (P3) -- the sports science lab and training center that essentially extended his prime -- will have a new location inside the Hawks' new training facility. He'll be 36 when he hits free agency in the summer, though, and the front office is reportedly listening to offers. Fringe contenders should be calling.
Taj Gibson Chicago Bulls PF
He's having arguably the best season of his career, but even his biggest fans think Chicago should look at trading him before he hits free agency. Gibson reportedly almost went to Toronto in the summer, and he's heard his name thrown around so many times over the years that he has learned to tune it out or take it as a compliment. This is the Bulls' last chance to get something for him or risk him leaving for a better situation in a few months.
Rajon Rondo Chicago Bulls PG
Who would have thought he'd be a poor fit next to Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade? Oh right, everybody. This has gone south sooner than expected, though, and now the question is whether or not there is a team out there willing to take a chance on him. Unable to mask his weaknesses the way he used to, Rondo needs to be surrounded by shooters and dominate the ball in order to be effective.
Lou Williams Los Angeles Lakers SG
He might be on the way to his second Sixth Man of the Year award, but he might also play his way out of Los Angeles. If contending teams are willing to part with real assets, the Lakers might have to part with him, especially if the front office decides it would like a better chance of keeping its top-3 protected first-round pick.
Danilo Gallinari Denver Nuggets SF
Denver is a wild card, and Gallinari is probably the best of the many players it could move. If you need a scorer who can stretch the floor and play 4, then he's your man ... as long as you're willing to re-sign him for big bucks in July.
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Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets PF
It seems like he has been available ever since he starred at the FIBA World Cup and signed his $60 million extension in 2014. Faried is a limited offensive player and a subpar team defender, but he can rebound like crazy and finish on the inside. Maybe he'd shine if he had a defined role on a winning team.
Jusuf Nurkic Denver Nuggets C
Pairing him with Nikola Jokic did not work, and he's not happy about his reduced role. This is reminiscent of the Enes Kanter situation in Utah a couple of years ago -- sure, Nurkic is young and talented, but what's the point of keeping him around if he doesn't fit with their best player?
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Andrew Bogut Dallas Mavericks C
Dallas owner Mark Cuban said he won't think about tanking until late in the season, but this team is 11-24 right now and in desperate need of young talent. If a team in need of rim protection -- Blazers? Celtics? -- will give up a nice prospect or a pick, the Mavs have to listen. Bogut will be a free agent in the summer, anyway.
Deron Williams Dallas Mavericks PG
Same deal as Bogut, except there aren't that many teams looking for a veteran point guard right now -- other than the defending-champion Cavaliers, of course.
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Omri Casspi Sacramento Kings SF
One of the few bright spots in Sacramento last year, he deserves a bigger, more consistent role than he's had this season. Casspi can help teams who need a 3 or a stretch 4, but he's lost in the shuffle with the Kings in a contract year.
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Thabo Sefolosha Atlanta Hawks SF
Unlike teammates Millsap and Korver, he's not a big name. If he goes to the right team, though, he could make an impact as a 3-and-D guy in the playoffs. Think Richard Jefferson with the Cavs, except younger.
P.J. Tucker Phoenix Suns SF
Another veteran on an expiring contract. Phoenix is going nowhere, so it should try to get something back for Tucker if it can. The Knicks are reportedly interested.
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Kosta Koufos Sacramento Kings C
Sacramento has too many centers, and if Willie Cauley-Stein is a part of its future, then Koufos isn't. He's on a team-friendly contract until 2019, so he might be more attractive as a trade target than some of the other bigs on this list who are headed for free agency.
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Omer Asik New Orleans Pelicans C
He hasn't played a minute since before Christmas, and the Pelicans appear to have given up on the idea of pairing him with Anthony Davis. New Orleans might have to give up an asset in order to get rid of his contract.
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Alexis Ajinca New Orleans Pelicans C
Out of the rotation just like Asik, there doesn't appear to be any place for Ajinca on this team. It's hard to imagine he'll have many suitors now, but at least his contract isn't as onerous as Asik's.