The NFL released its full schedule for the 2020 season. We still don't know for sure whether or not everything will happen as scheduled, but we do know what "as scheduled" currently constitutes. 

You can find all kinds of schedule analysis all over this site, but below, we're going to treat you to our list of the most notable games to be played each week. Enjoy. 

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(Note: We tried to limit the usage of each team so that they appear three times, at most.)

Week 1: Buccaneers at Saints

In Tom Brady's first-ever game with a non-Patriots team, he'll travel to New Orleans to take on another legendary quarterback perhaps nearing the end of his career in Drew Brees. The Bucs dropped both games against the Saints last season, but did score a Week 1 upset in New Orleans during the 2018 campaign. This game doubles as a revenge game (sort of) for Saints backup Jameis Winston, who was displaced as the starter by Brady's signing in Tampa. 

Also notable: Packers at Vikings, Cowboys at Rams 

Week 2: Vikings at Colts

Look, I'll be honest here: the best game on the schedule in Week 2 is Ravens-Texans. I just didn't want to have this entire list be the Ravens, Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints, 49ers, and Tom Brady over and over again, so we're rolling with Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers right here. Mike Zimmer's defense underwent a bunch of changes this offseason and should face an interesting test in a similarly remade Colts offense, complete with Rivers, Michael Pittman, and Jonathan Taylor

Also notable: Bengals at Browns, Ravens at Texans, Rams at Eagles

Week 3: Chiefs at Ravens 

The two most exciting players in football (who also happen to be the last two NFL MVPs) go head to head in a rematch of one of the most entertaining games of the 2019 season. The Chiefs came out on top last year, and though the Ravens ended up going on a long enough winning streak after that loss that they secured the No. 1 seed in the AFC, it was Kansas City that eventually made it through the playoffs and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl champs. 

Also notable: Titans at Vikings, Texans at Steelers, Cowboys at Seahawks, Packers at Saints 

Week 4: Eagles at 49ers 

Want to see how all that speed the Eagles added to their offense this offseason affects their performance? Let's watch them try to do battle with one of the NFL's best defenses, on the road, in prime time. Can Carson Wentz survive a matchup with Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Arik Armstead, and rookie Javon Kinlaw? How will Philly's deep defensive front hold up against the creative schemes of Kyle Shanahan? This should be fun.

Also notable: Chargers at Buccaneers, Steelers at Titans, Vikings at Texans, Falcons at Packers 

Week 5: Bills at Titans

Buffalo crashed the playoff party last season and has added even more weaponry for Josh Allen this year with the acquisition of Stefon Diggs. They also have one of the NFL's best defenses, which should have its hands full with Derrick Henry here. Sean McDermott's unit prioritizes speed over size, which makes for an interesting matchup with the power-based Tennessee run game. But Ryan Tannehill could have some issues finding open receivers against Tre'Davious White and company.

Also notable: Eagles at Steelers, Bengals at Ravens, Vikings at Seahawks

Week 6: Browns at Steelers

The Myles Garrett/HelmetGate Game. Expect an icy reception in Pittsburgh for Cleveland's star edge rusher, though he'll likely have to deal with Ben Roethlisberger rather than Mason Rudolph this time around. The matchup of Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper, David Njoku, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt against the turnover-happy Steelers defense is just as intriguing. 

Also notable: Chiefs at Bills, Ravens at Eagles, Packers at Buccaneers, Rams at 49ers, Cardinals at Cowboys

Week 7: Chargers at Dolphins

We're going out on a limb here and assuming that by Week 7, both Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa will be under center as the starting quarterback of their respective teams. If one or both is in the lineup, it'll make for a fascinating storyline because these two teams picked back to back in the draft and could conceivably have come away with the other guy had things gone a bit differently. And if either Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Fitzpatrick still has the job by this time, it'll be interesting to see whether it's because the team is having success or because the rookie behind them isn't ready. 

Also notable: Steelers at Ravens, Seahawks at Cardinals

Week 8: Cowboys at Eagles

It's always entertaining when these two teams meet on the field, and it has been even more so in recent seasons as we've gotten to see Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz battle it out. That'll be the case once again here, and we'll also get to see both of these teams show off their new rookie wideouts: CeeDee Lamb and Jalen Reagor

Also notable: Vikings at Packers, 49ers at Seahawks

Week 9: Packers at 49ers

A rematch of last season's NFC title game. We'll see if the Packers have improved their run defense enough to have even a hope of stopping Raheem Mostert, and whether the infrastructure around Aaron Rodgers has seen enough internal improvement for him to be able to deal with the San Francisco defense. We'll also be treated to old friends Matt LaFleur and Kyle Shanahan matching wits on the sideline. 

Also notable: Seahawks at Bills, Steelers at Cowboys, Saints at Buccaneers

Week 10: Ravens at Patriots (SNF)

Lamar Jackson ran all over the Patriots in prime time last season. Can he do it again? The Pats might not have Tom Brady, but they still have Bill Belichick, and there is no coach in the league whose plan to stop Jackson I am interested in more than his. New England has turned over a bunch of its personnel on defense and is now working with a ton of youth up front, so it'll be fascinating to see if they're equipped to deal with all the problems Jackson poses. 

Also notable: Texans at Browns, Colts at Titans, Seahawks at Rams, 49ers at Saints

Week 11: Cardinals at Seahawks

Kyler Murray. Russell Wilson. One plays in a wide-open, spread the field offense with a dynamic new wide receiver (DeAndre Hopkins) while the other deals with the constraints of a run-heavy system that often seems designed to hold him back from showing off his full skill set until it's absolutely necessary. Still, these are two old division rivals playing a game that could have some playoff implications if the Cards live up to some of the sleeper talk they've been generating this offseason. 

Also notable: Packers at Colts, Titans at Ravens, Cowboys at Vikings, Rams at Buccaneers

Week 12: Chiefs at Buccaneers

Mahomes vs. Brady? Yes, please. 

Also notable: Ravens at Steelers, Titans at Colts, 49ers at Rams, Seahawks at Eagles

Week 13: Cowboys at Ravens

Dak vs. Lamar? Yes, please. 

Also notable: Browns at Titans, Bengals at Dolphins, Eagles at Texans, Bills at 49ers 

Week 14: Steelers at Bills

These two teams battled it out for a playoff spot down the stretch of last season, with the Bills sneaking in at the end of the year. They're stylistically quite different, but should each feature one of the league's top defenses. Oh, and we'll get to see all the Edmunds brothers on the field together again.

Also notable: Saints at Eagles, Ravens at Browns

Week 15: Chiefs at Saints

Two of the NFL's most explosive offenses square off here, and the Andy Reid vs. Sean Payton schematic dream matchup was enough for us to push 49ers at Cowboys to the also notable section. The shadow matchup between Tyreek Hill and Marshon Lattimore should be a fantastic one. 

Also notable: Eagles at Cardinals, 49ers at Cowboys 

Week 16: Titans at Packers

The 2019 Titans ran the offense that it sure seems like the Packers want to run moving into the future. The difference, of course, is that the Titans had Ryan Tannehill and the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. By the time Week 16 rolls around, will their transition to Titans Midwest have already been completed? Or will (former Titans offensive coordinator) Matt LaFleur put the weight of the offense back on Rodgers' right shoulder?

Also notable: Vikings at Saints, Colts at Steelers, Broncos at Chargers, Rams at Seahawks, Eagles at Cowboys

Week 17: Seahawks at 49ers

Last year's Week 17 game between these two teams was a classic. It ended up giving the 49ers a first-round bye in the playoffs, which helped them reach the Super Bowl. We can reasonably expect that both teams will be contenders for the playoffs once again in 2020, which means this season finale should once again be fraught with potential postseason implications.

Also notable: Titans at Texans, Steelers at Browns, Chargers at Chiefs