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Nothing steers NFL teams quite like quarterbacks. It's possible, not probable, to win in spite of them. It's preferable, not easy, to land the best of them. They are, more than anyone else, the ones who shape the football landscape, week in and week out.

That's why we're ranking all 32 starting signal-callers throughout the 2022 season: to take stock of the most important players in the game, sorting everyone from the bona fide superstars to the QBs who might be worth replacing.

While these rankings don't necessarily reflect which QBs we'd rather have for the remainder of the year (or their career) -- for example, we still trust Tom Brady over, say, Geno Smith -- they are designed to showcase which ones are performing and positioned best at this moment.

Now, without further ado, our Week 14 pecking order:

Week 14 QB Power Rankings
Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs QB
The only way he won't hit 40 TD passes is if the Chiefs are resting starters at the end of the year. Sure, the Bengals remain an issue for his squad. But Mahomes is the trustiest, savviest playmaker at the position. Even if the guy behind him is quickly making up ground in the MVP race ...
Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles QB
If you wanted to give him the MVP over Mahomes, you'd be completely justified. He doesn't always throw it as much as the Chiefs superstar, but when he does, he's been just as accurate, dynamic and efficient this year. And then he's just a compact, nimble bulldozer on the ground.
Joe Burrow Cincinnati Bengals QB
He is Kryptonite for the Chiefs, which is actually saying a lot. If it weren't for Hurts' dual-threat explosion, he'd be a fair 1B to Mahomes in the MVP race, too. There might not be another QB right now who's got a better feel for where the ball needs to go, especially on key downs.
Josh Allen Buffalo Bills QB
Recklessness has always been a part of his game; it's just more apparent this year, as the turnovers have piled up. With the curses come the blessings, though, and he's still one of the most gifted gunslingers. Without his cannon, they don't cruise past the Patriots to stay atop the East.
Geno Smith Seattle Seahawks QB
If you're still sleeping on him, it's time to wake up. The Seattle defense is so problematic he's required to create big plays every week, and he keeps delivering. The Comeback Player of the Year award should be his to lose. Now let's see about a little wild card run. (+1)
Justin Herbert Los Angeles Chargers QB
Imagine if he played for the Chiefs or Dolphins or Seahawks, where even if the "D" can't get a stop, the offensive weaponry is healthy or the strategy is creative. Herbert's laser arm and pocket poise have helped him avoid sloppy, if sometimes inefficient, numbers for a .500 team. (+5)
Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys QB
All the boxes are being checked in Dallas, where he's enjoyed a supporting cast in tip-top shape and may have Tyron Smith's protection on the way. In seven games, he's almost had more TDs than Russell Wilson and Mac Jones combined. Can he deliver when the lights are brightest? (+1)
Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins QB
Skittishness was on display against a real defense in San Francisco. Tua's definitely a resilient fella, and when his timing is right, he and their WR corps are dangerous. But now that one team has finally capitalized on underthrows/rushed decisions, how will he respond? (-1)
Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings QB
For all the Vikings' success, Cousins has been pretty inconsistent; his nine picks are fifth-most in the NFL, and he's averaging fewer yards per attempt than Zach Wilson, Daniel Jones and Mac Jones. The flip side: he's often been money when it matters most for a complete team. (+1)
Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers QB
With a bad thumb and bruised ribs, Rodgers sure has a lot of juice left in that arm, especially when Christian Watson is on the other end of his throws. Constantly working with moving parts, the typical efficiency just isn't there. But how can we count him out now that's he got a wideout? (+2)
Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB
The Bucs' Monday night win over the Saints was such a microcosm of the season: saddled with ugly, sluggish game-planning, Brady hasn't been nearly as effective pushing the ball downfield. Clutch touch and precision remain in his repertoire, though, keeping the whole ship afloat. (+2)
Trevor Lawrence Jacksonville Jaguars QB
Jaguars fans should still be breathing sighs of relief after Lawrence avoided a serious injury despite an awkward sack against the Lions. Drops killed his chance at sustaining offensive rhythm in Detroit. All in all, he's really improved situationally, and the arm stays live until the buzzer. (+2)
Justin Fields Chicago Bears QB
A tough assessment, Fields has been a glorious revelation on the ground, where he's always capable of carrying the Bears on his back, all the way to the end zone. And while he's taken steps as a passer in a shorthanded offense, he's also struggled to protect the ball down the stretch.
Derek Carr Las Vegas Raiders QB
Carr's standing is inflated by recent injuries to top-15 QBs like Lamar Jackson and Jimmy Garoppolo. He's been streaky under Josh McDaniels. But his second half has been far more promising. Gritty until the finish, his connection with Davante Adams is certainly working. (+3)
Jared Goff Detroit Lions QB
There might not be a more underrated QB in terms of 2022 production. Goff has his limits when under pressure, but he's been a decisive distributor for their assortment of weapons, namely Amon-Ra St. Brown. There are shades of Chiefs-era Alex Smith here, for a spicy team. (+3)
Ryan Tannehill Tennessee Titans QB
His dependence on Derrick Henry, and lack of supplemental help up front or out wide, was exacerbated by A.J. Brown's monster showing for the Eagles in Week 13's drubbing. The guy can play. But all indications are he needs a 49ers-level setup to warrant January trust.
Daniel Jones New York Giants QB
Two things can be true: 1.) Jones is much improved and a proven threat with his legs; 2.) Jones has neither the staff's trust nor the adequate personnel to win through the air. In other words, we don't envy the Giants having to make a long-term ruling on the former first-rounder. (+2)
Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals QB
What can the Cardinals do to maximize Murray's athletic gifts? Unfortunately that probably can't be answered until the offseason, when big decisions can occur at head coach, general manager, etc. But Murray can do his part by proving a more even-keeled leader down the stretch. (+2)
Deshaun Watson Cleveland Browns QB
Two years away from the game will give you some rust, and boy did he have it in his Houston homecoming, which was salvaged only by the Browns defense. More reps will inevitably unlock some of Watson's former pocket presence, but this is a work in progress. (-4)
Taylor Heinicke Washington Commanders QB
Fiery. Fearless. Feisty. All good words to describe the Commanders QB, who's officially earned the indefinite QB1 gig over Carson Wentz. There's just no dancing around the fact he's also relatively scattershot as a passer. He's wild card-caliber, for sure. But beyond that? Unclear. (+2)
Mike White New York Jets QB
The numbers weren't pretty in the Jets' close loss to the Vikings, but his arm talent and confidence were still apparent, which is a big advantage in that QB room. The red zone execution has to be better, but in two starts, he's proven he's got the authority to guide a potential playoff team. (+3)
Tyler Huntley Baltimore Ravens QB
With Lamar Jackson sidelined for anywhere from one to three weeks, it's Huntley's time. He's tended to be a bit more efficient, if unspectacular, as a thrower. But his real impact, much like Jackson, figures to come on the ground, where he can utilize his speed.
Mac Jones New England Patriots QB
Maybe the Thanksgiving night breakout was a mirage. The bigger issue probably lies with his staff, which has been disjointed and underprepared from the jump. Jones can still put balls on the money, but his inability to create on his own is far more apparent in their old-school system. (-1)
Marcus Mariota Atlanta Falcons QB
Arthur Smith is finally entertaining a move to Desmond Ridder, which speaks to Mariota's season-long struggle to find a rhythm through the air. Ridder, to be clear, wouldn't necessarily represent a major upgrade, as Mariota at least offers the scrambling ability to extend otherwise dull drives. (-3)
Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh Steelers QB
Progress. That's all they're looking for in Pittsburgh, and Pickett has provided that. The bar is low for scoring production, partly because he's been so erratic in their conservative offense, but the guy stands tall even when circumstances aren't ideal, and his touch is occasionally pretty. (+3)
Andy Dalton New Orleans Saints QB
If you watched the Saints play the Bucs on Monday, you might've convinced yourself he was vintage Tom Brady. The guy is still capable of some genuine dimes. The trouble is, he's just as liable to go cold and put the ball in harm's way, and his coaches do not help. (+3)
Sam Darnold Carolina Panthers QB
With Baker Mayfield officially gone from the QB room, Darnold has just P.J. Walker over his shoulder after a promising 2022 debut. His arm certainly gives D.J. Moore better chances. But can he take care of the ball when the going gets tough over consecutive games? (-1)
Russell Wilson Denver Broncos QB
It's telling that his "good days" this season still amount to something like 180 passing yards and maybe one TD. What is this, the 1940s? Nothing against Russ, who's surely committed to righting the ship, but a true step forward doesn't feel possible in Denver until bigger changes come. (-1)
Matt Ryan Indianapolis Colts QB
Give him credit for putting his 37-year-old self on the line for an organization in dire need of fresh life under center and on the sidelines. But at this point, with how turnover-prone he's become (13 INTs in 11 games), there's no good reason Nick Foles shouldn't be starting in Indy. (-4)
Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers QB
Mr. Irrelevant looked the part in replacing Jimmy Garoppolo with no notice, taking what the Dolphins gave him to secure an important win at home. Purdy doesn't seem like the QB who will kill a "D" with splash plays, but as a point guard for Kyle Shanahan, there's a path to success.
John Wolford Los Angeles Rams QB
Baker Mayfield is now in town as a likely successor, with Matthew Stafford all but put on ice for the year. But neither he, nor Wolford, nor Bryce Perkins, has the wherewithal to elevate a roster absolutely torn to shreds by injuries.
Kyle Allen Houston Texans QB
Let him keep rolling, or go back to Davis Mills. Either way, Houston is more focused -- or should be -- on figuring out what it plans to do at QB, and at head coach, and everywhere else, in 2023.