The new NFL league year is almost here and teams will be scrambling to get below the salary cap in order to make a run at the top free agents. While the new league year starts Wednesday, all 32 teams currently have the opportunity to talk to free agents on Monday, March 13 as part of the legal tampering period. 

Not only will there be negotiating with free agents, but trades for star players will also be in the works (and agreed upon). Some teams are one leg up on the opposition thanks to the large amount of salary cap space available (see Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders) -- and are expected to be active come the start of the legal tampering period. 

Other teams have set their sights on the 2023 NFL Draft, as four (Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and Philadelphia Eagles) have multiple first-round picks at their disposal. These teams are also expected to be active in free agency, adding more intrigue in what is to be an exciting offseason.

With the new league year set to begin, let's take a look at the most intriguing teams entering free agency. These rankings are based on the franchise's available salary cap space, the players they could be in play for over the coming days, and the amount of high draft picks at their disposal. 

Note: Salary cap space per Over the Cap as of Friday morning

1. New York Jets

  • Salary cap space: -$1,521,881
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

All the attention goes to this Jets team because of their desperation to find a franchise quarterback, especially since New York appears to be on the verge of acquiring Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. If the Jets acquire Rodgers, it's the biggest story of the NFL offseason.

How will the Jets build around Rodgers? What players will he recruit to New York? How will Rodgers fare in the bright lights of New York? 

The Jets haven't had a 4,000-yard passer since Joe Namath (1967) and only one quarterback to throw 30 touchdowns in a season (Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2015). They haven't made the playoffs since 2010. Acquiring Rodgers is a huge deal. 

2. Baltimore Ravens

  • Salary cap space: -$8,356,018
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 2

The Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson, allowing him to negotiate with any team come the start of the legal tampering period. The ongoing contract saga with Jackson will finally come to an end, as the Ravens can match an offer from any team and that will be Jackson's contract -- or they can pass and get two first-round picks in return. 

How much is Jackson going to receive? Is Jackson worth what he thinks he is -- or will the Ravens be right on what they think he's worth? If Baltimore keeps Jackson, what wide receivers will they give him going forward? 

Baltimore will either keep its franchise quarterback next week, or go back to the drawing board in preparing for life without Jackson. 

3. Chicago Bears

  • Salary cap space: $94,660,261
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Bears have the most cap space of any team in the NFL -- and the No. 1 draft pick at their disposal. They control the narrative of the entire offseason based on their embarrassment of riches. 

Will Chicago get quality pass catchers for Justin Fields? Will they trade Fields and draft a quarterback at No. 1? What team will the Bears trade the No. 1 pick to -- and how much will they receive in return? 

Chicago has an opportunity to significantly improve its roster over the next few months. 

4. Miami Dolphins

  • Salary cap space: -$721,820
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

Why are the Dolphins so high on this list? Until the Tom Brady rumors completely go away with his connections to the franchise, the Dolphins will be worth monitoring. Brady says he isn't coming back, but actions speak louder than words. 

Can Miami convince Brady to come back for his 24th season? What becomes of Tua Tagovailoa

Lamar Jackson's free agency is also worth watching. Jackson's hometown is Pompano Beach, less than an hour from Miami and a half hour away from Hard Rock Stadium. 

5. Philadelphia Eagles

  • Salary cap space: $4,110,537
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 4

The Eagles won't look the same as their NFC Championship roster did last season with so many good players hitting free agency. Not only do the Eagles have to decide which ones to keep, but Jalen Hurts has a massive contract extension looming. 

Philadelphia also has two first-round picks at its disposal, making one ponder if the Eagles will actually use both of them or trade them for a good player or more assets down the road. General manager Howie Roseman will be busy this offseason. 

6. Las Vegas Raiders

  • Salary cap space: $39,077,038
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The first order of business has been taken care of with the Raiders, releasing Derek Carr and freeing up significant cap space to be players in free agency. Is Vegas going after one of the top quarterbacks on the market or will the Raiders trade up from the No. 7 pick and try to find their next franchise quarterback?

The Raiders have plenty of money to spend and improve their roster, especially on the defensive side of the ball. How attractive will Vegas be after a disastrous first season with Josh McDaniels? 

7. Green Bay Packers 

  • Salary cap space: $16,544,769
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

Will Aaron Rodgers decide to return to the Packers or will Green Bay finally move on? That decision is looming for an organization that has had a franchise quarterback for three decades in Rodgers and Brett Favre. 

Is Jordan Love ready to be the quarterback in Green Bay? How much will the Packers get for Rodgers as they build their roster around Love? Green Bay could be major players in free agency and the draft with Rodgers' contract off the books. 

8. Cincinnati Bengals

  • Salary cap space: $34,651,354
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

A contract extension for Joe Burrow is coming -- same with Ja'Marr Chase. Will the Bengals strike first with Burrow and have him set the market for the quarterbacks that are set to receive massive extensions? Could they do the same with Chase and the wide receivers set to get paid from the talented 2021 draft class? 

The Bengals do have enough salary cap space to be active on the free agent market -- the benefit of having a franchise quarterback on his rookie contract. One of the best teams in the AFC could develop into the conference favorites in 2023, even if the franchise and Jessie Bates may be parting ways. 

9. Detroit Lions

  • Salary cap space: $18,514,270
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 5

The Lions were one of the surprise teams in the league last year, a tiebreaker away from making the playoffs in the NFC. One of the rising teams in the conference, the Lions have a crucial offseason with plenty of cap space to improve the roster and two first-round picks in the draft. 

Does Detroit pivot and find the next franchise quarterback after Jared Goff or do the Lions continue to build around Goff and improve a defense that has struggled over the past few seasons? The NFC North is there for the taking. 

10. Houston Texans

  • Salary cap space: $40,272,704
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 5

While it took a few years, the Texans finally are out of the first stage of their long rebuild. Houston is in position to select a franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall and get the organization back on track with franchise stalwart DeMeco Ryans as head coach. 

The Texans also have cap space to significantly improve their roster, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. With two first-round picks, does Houston stand pat in the draft or do they try to move up to No. 1 and get the quarterback of their choosing? 

The Texans may be able to get their quarterback at No. 2 anyway. 

11. Seattle Seahawks

  • Salary cap space: $30,532,044
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 5

Seattle made the long-term decision to bring Geno Smith back, but the deal is front loaded. The Seahawks could still trade up with their two first-round picks and draft a franchise quarterback despite committing to Smith for this season and potentially next. 

The Seahawks also have significant salary cap space, making them one of the teams to monitor in free agency. Based on Seattle's draft class last season and how they've avoided a significant rebuild in the aftermath of the Russell Wilson trade, the Seahawks could evolve into the next tier of contenders in the NFC. 

12. Atlanta Falcons

  • Salary cap space: $62,926,591
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The NFL is going to find out if Atlanta is really interested in Lamar Jackson or not over the next week -- and they should be given the significant amount of salary cap space they have heading into free agency. Atlanta can rebuild its roster and compete in a wide open NFC South now that Tom Brady has retired. 

The Falcons should pursue Jackson, as they need a franchise quarterback. They also have an intriguing draft selection at No. 8 overall, putting Atlanta in position to potentially trade up and select a quarterback. 

13. Indianapolis Colts

  • Salary cap space: $11,903,876
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Colts are in position to get a franchise quarterback in the draft at No. 4 overall, but does Indianapolis stand pat or will it trade up into the top three? Colts owner Jim Irsay and general manager Chris Ballard are desperate to find a franchise quarterback in this draft, so they may be aggressive here. 

Indianapolis can also improve in some areas in free agency as Shane Steichen puts his touch on the new-look offense. Things are looking up in Indianapolis. 

14. Washington Commanders

  • Salary cap space: $11,903,876
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Commanders are a quarterback away from making significant noise in the NFC East. After the release of Carson Wentz and the hire of Eric Bieniemy as offensive coordinator, will Washington really roll into the season with Sam Howell?

Washington says it won't pursue Lamar Jackson, but it could be bluffing, and its bluff may be called next week. Dan Snyder may also sell the team, which will surely be a topic over the coming months. 

15. Kansas City Chiefs

  • Salary cap space: $16,955,715
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Chiefs are still trying to work out a long term deal with Orlando Brown, who is days away from hitting the free agent market. They also have Andrew Wylie set to hit free agency, meaning Patrick Mahomes may not have both his tackles back from the Super Bowl championship team. 

How will the Chiefs rebuild the tackle posiiton? With the release of Frank Clark, what will Kansas City do to improve the pass rush? The Chiefs are still one of the best teams in the NFL, but they have some serious questions that need to be addressed in the coming weeks. 

16. New York Giants

  • Salary cap space: $18,471,167
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 4

The Giants got their top offseason priorities taken care of -- signing Daniel Jones to a long-term contract and franchise tagging Saquon Barkley. While the Giants still have to figure out a long term deal with Barkley, they still have to add better pass catchers around Jones if he is going to fulfill that contract. 

New York has salary cap space to add talent to the offense and retain Julian Love (if it so chooses). The Giants offseason is just getting started, even if the heavy lifting is done. 

17. Arizona Cardinals

  • Salary cap space: $28,564,804
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 4

The Cardinals have salary cap space to improve a defense that is going to be revamped under new head coach Jonathan Gannon. Arizona is stuck with Kyler Murray at quarterback, but the offense will be undergoing a slight revamp as well. 

Will DeAndre Hopkins be part of the team's long term plans? The Cardinals could get even more draft capital by parting ways, especially in a wide receiver market that isn't great in free agency. 

18. New England Patriots

  • Salary cap space: $31,859,752
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Patriots need to add better pass catchers for Mac Jones this offseason, but the best free agent wideout played for the franchise last year (Jakobi Meyers). Will New England try to pursue one in a trade, especially given the amount of salary cap space the Patriots have to pay a top wideout? 

This is a crucial offseason for Jones -- and the Patriots. New England needs to give its quarterback a chance to succeed with a good offensive game plan and good players for him to throw to. 

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Salary cap space: $7,387,861
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Jaguars proved last season they are willing to be aggressive in free agency and build a competitive roster. What's the next step after the rebuild went way ahead of schedule?

Trevor Lawrence is a franchise quarterback and Doug Pederson is a very good coach. Jacksonville will have to address the offensive line and see if it can get a long term deal done with Jawaan Taylor to start. What Jacksonville does to move into the upper echelon of AFC contenders will be worth watching. 

20. Carolina Panthers

  • Salary cap space: $9,444,306
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 4

The Panthers could be in play for Lamar Jackson, but they would have to clear up a significant amount of salary cap space to do so. Certainly new head coach Frank Reich would like a franchise quarterback, but Carolina also could move up in the draft with the No. 9 pick. 

The Panthers missed out on Derek Carr, but is finding a franchise quarterback the priority? 

21. Los Angeles Rams

  • Salary cap space: -$16,020,552
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 2

While the Rams are in the midst of trying to unload high priced veterans, is Matthew Stafford really going to be on the move? What about Jalen Ramsey and Allen Robinson

Los Angeles is in the midst of a rebuild, needing to collect draft capital in order to avoid another horrid season. Would another bad year result in Sean McVay leaving for the TV booth? 

Who knows what the Rams have in store over the coming months. 

22. Tennessee Titans

  • Salary cap space: $13,293,721
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Titans had one of the biggest collapses in NFL history last season, so where do they go from here? They have enough cap space to make some moves in free agency, but aren't high enough in the draft to get one of the top quarterbacks (although they could trade up). 

What is the future of Derrick Henry, who is rumored to be on the trade block? Will Ryan Tannehill be back? Regardless of Tannehill's status, the Titans need better pass catchers in 2023. 

23. Buffalo Bills

  • Salary cap space: -$19,184,694
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

Where do the Bills go from here after another divisional playoff round exit? The Bills could use some improvements on the offensive line and in the running game, just as the franchise appears set to lose Tremaine Edmunds and Jordan Poyer in free agency. 

Buffalo has to clear some cap space too, so this Bills roster will look different come 2023. At least the Bills still have Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs

24. Minnesota Vikings

  • Salary cap space: -$15,780,607
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 2

The Vikings are parting ways with Adam Thielen in a cost cutting move and may be doing the same with Za'Darius Smith. Where does Minnesota go from here, especially with Kirk Cousins and his $36.25 million cap hit holding court. Dalvin Cook copuld become a cap casuality as well. 

Might have to wait a year to see the Vikings become significant players in free agency. 

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Salary cap space: -$49,061,621
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

What do the Buccaneers do at quarterback now that Tom Brady is retired? Tampa Bay seems to be an ideal spot for Lamar Jackson, but the Buccaneers have the most money over the cap in the league. 

There's major work to do in Tampa Bay to reload a roster that has talent, but is about to lose a lot of it in free agency. 

26. San Francisco 49ers

  • Salary cap space: $6,417,865
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 2

The 49ers have the Trey Lance dilemma circling around them, buying some more time while Brock Purdy recovers from elbow surgery. San Francisco appears to be bracing for an uneventful offseason beyond the Lance situation, even if the 49ers appear set to lose key members of their secondary. 

No first-round pick, second-round pick, and minimal cap space. Let's see what John Lynch has in store. 

27. Dallas Cowboys

  • Salary cap space: -$16,070,843
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

Free agency isn't the Cowboys forte, but paying both Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard over $10 million a year is asinine. The Cowboys will have to figure out this running back situation, while still seeking a Dak prescott extension that appears unnecessary at this point. 

There's still cap space to clear, but the draft will be worth watching for Dallas. The Cowboys are good at that. 

28. Los Angeles Chargers

  • Salary cap space: -$6,913,624
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The Chargers were aggressive in free agency last offseason, so it's natural they won't be on a spending spree this year. There will be restructuring of some contracts, but how much will Justin Herbert get with his extension looming?

Will Herbert be the first of the 2020 draft class to sign? 

29. Cleveland Browns 

  • Salary cap space: -$14,049,131
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 2

Deshaun Watson has the largest cap hit in NFL history this offseason. The Browns have to clear cap space and have some major holes on the roster this offseason. 

There's not much Cleveland can do, unless they're aggressive in the trade market. They also don't have a first round pick. 

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Salary cap space: -$908,182
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 4

The Steelers don't have a lot of cap space available, which is awkward since they have a quarterback on his rookie deal. Pittsburgh appears primed for a postseason return, but needs to add talent on the offensive line to protect its young asset in Kenny Pickett

This team has a young core in place, but the draft will be worth monitoring. They have two picks in the second round. 

31. New Orleans Saints

  • Salary cap space: -$25,272,929
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 3

The heavy lifting has been done in New Orleans in signing Derek Carr, a major offseason pickup for a franchise that needed a quarterback. Carr should make the Saints the top team in a weak NFC South. 

New Orleans still has to get under the salary cap, which is an annual tradition with general manager Mickey Loomis. The draft may be where the Saints make their biggest offseason moves with Carr on board. 

32. Denver Broncos

  • Salary cap space: $8,813,625
  • Draft picks in first 3 rounds: 2

A year removed after making the biggest offseason move in acquiring Russell Wilson, the Broncos don't have a first round pick or a second round pick in this draft. The Broncos have some salary cap space available, but appear to have an uneventful offseason ahead after making their big splash (luring Sean Payton to town).

Denver's hands are tied with Wilson. The Broncos are hoping the Payton-Wilson combination gets them to the postseason.