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One of the most shocking upsets of Week 9 came in Dallas, where the Broncos absolutely manhandled the Cowboys in a 30-16 win. Although there were bigger upsets on Sunday -- the Jaguars' win over the Bills would probably qualify -- the Broncos' win might have been the most surprising and that's because of how they won. 

At one point in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys were trailing 30-0, which created a situation that the NFL hadn't seen in more than 20 years, according to ESPN Stats and Info. The fact that the Cowboys trailed by 30 at one point was surprising because they went into the game as a 10-point favorite. 

Although upsets happen all the time, one thing you rarely ever see is a double-digit favorite trail by 30 at any point during a game. As a matter of fact, before Sunday, the last time that happened came all the way in September 2001 when the underdog Patriots pulled off the same feat against the Colts. That game is somewhat notable in NFL history because it marked the first start of Tom Brady's career. 

With Brady under center for the first time as a starter and going up against Peyton Manning's Colts, the oddsmakers basically gave the Patriots no chance to win: New England was an 11.5-point underdog. 

The first big upset of Brady's career came in this game as the Patriots shot out to a 23-0 lead. Although Manning engineered several huge comebacks in his career, he had no chance in this game. The Patriots kept on piling on points in the second half and ended up winning 44-13. The Colts were blown out because Manning couldn't figure out the Patriots defense. The Colts quarterback threw three interceptions in the 31-point loss. 

For the Cowboys, the blowout wasn't because one player struggled, it was because the entire team seemed to struggle in key situations. The offense failed on two fourth down plays in the first quarter alone. The defense couldn't stop Broncos running back Javonte Williams and the Teddy Bridgewater had a field day with the Cowboys secondary. 

The 1979 Steelers are the only other team that trailed by 30 in a game where they were a double-digit favorite and the good news for the Cowboys is that you can still win the Super Bowl after that happens, because that's what Pittsburgh did in 1979 (They trailed the Bengals 34-3 in a game where they were a 10-point favorite and then went on to win Super Bowl XIV over the Rams). 

The fact that the Cowboys trailed by 30 in a game where they were double-digit favorites wasn't the only notable aspect about the point spread in this game. Before the loss, the Cowboys were 7-0 against the spread on the season and if they had covered, they would have tied the 2007 Patriots for the third-longest streak of covering the spread to start a season. However, that streak is now dead thanks to a dominating win by a Broncos team that will now be going in the history books with Tom Brady's 2001 Patriots, a team that would eventually go on to win the Super Bowl, something Broncos fans will be hoping that their team can match. 

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