Nick Kyrgios Getty 2022 US Open
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Nick Kyrgios' US Open run came to an end after a five-set match against Karen Khachanov on Tuesday night's quarterfinal round. The Australian star did not have a smashing start, but he certainly ended the match that way. 

After competing for three hours and 39 minutes, Khachanov walked away with a 7-5, 4-6, 7-5, 6-7(7-3,) 6-4 victory. The two players shook the chair umpire's hand, and Kyrgios began walking towards his chair but decided it was not time to put his racket in the bag yet.

Instead, Kyrgios smashed it three times and then threw it on the hard-court surface. The visibly bent racket went flying into the air, but Kyrgios had not had enough. He pulled out a second racket that also suffered a similar fate.

There had been some concern about a possible knee injury in the first set, but Kyrgios said it was not a big deal. He credited Khachanov's talent, especially his serve. Although it was a tight competition, Kyrgios said for him it felt like it was "either winning it all or nothing at all." During the press conference, the Australian star said he felt like he had failed. What made it even more frustrating, he admitted, was the fact that he was fresh off taking down world No. 1 Daniil Medvedev.

"I feel like s--t. I feel like I let so many people down," he said.

Khachanov was asked about the racket incident, and he said he understood where Kyrgios was coming from. 

"I mean it's painful. I think it hurts for him, and it would be the same for me if I lose that match," Khachanov said. "It's never easy to lose five sets because you give it your best throughout the whole match."

This is not the first time Kyrgios has smashed a racket, it's not even the first time he's done it in this competition. During the first round doubles match against Hugo Gaston and Lorenzo Musetti, both Kyrgios and his partner Thanasi Kokkinakis threw their rackets, although not quite at the same time. When Kyrgios did it, Kokkinakis seemed more calm and even helped his teammate pick it up. After he handed it to him, Kyrgios threw it again. The racket was too damaged to use, so he gave it to a fan in the crowd. The Australian pair got eliminated in the round of 16. 

Kyrgios' reactions have become a part of what makes him an entertaining player to watch, but not keeping his cool has certainly cost him. During his second round win over Benjamin Bonzi, Kyrgios had an outburst toward his players box. He ended up getting fined $7,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct after he was seen swearing and spitting on the court -- the largest fine ever given out at the US Open.

After losing to Khachanov, Kyrgios was asked if he was done for the year or if he would compete in other tournaments. He did not seem too interested, saying he felt like he needed to start again and wait for the Australian Open.

"I think pretty much every other tournament during the year is a waste of time really," Kyrgios said. "You should just run up and show up at a Grand Slam. That's what you're remembered by."