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The World Series of Poker is chock-full of Bracelet Events and high-stakes action at the tables, but it's not every day you see a record World Poker Tour champion duped with an improbable bluff by someone with only two streets of betting.

That's exactly what Prahlad Friedman did against none other than Darren Elias, a 34-time money finisher on the World Poker Tour.

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Squared up with Elias at the final table of a No Limit 2-7 Single Draw championship, Friedman went above and beyond with a bold call to splash the pot. Elias had raised to a $100,000 small blind versus big, and following Friedman's call, he had no choice but to pat, announcing a worse hand than his opponent and securing an insane route to victory for the 41-year-old California native.

And all of it came with quite a bit of anticipation, not only from a stone-cold Elias but from the WSOP broadcast, which got a kick out of Friedman's comments about how "it doesn't snow in Vegas that often."