Big 12 deputy commissioner Tim Weiser had some some parting shots for Texas ahead of its move to the SEC next season. During an interview at Big 12 Media Days, the former Kansas State athletic director was asked about the Longhorns' motivation for leaving the conference. 

"I continue to maintain the choice Texas made wasn't a financial one because we all know what the Texas resources are like," Weiser told the 3MAW Podcast Wednesday. "I think their (decision) was more about affiliating with a group of schools that on a given Saturday. They would rather get beat by Alabama than Kansas State or Florida than Iowa State. That was really driving the way they looked out down the road."

Weiser, who has served as deputy commissioner of the Big 12 since 2008, went on to speak on Oklahoma's potential motivation for the move as well. 

"I think they (Oklahoma) were more of what I would call a 'reluctant bride,'" he said. "That kind of felt like, 'if we don't go, what happens to the Texas-OU football or basketball game?' (Those are) things we know from an OU-Texas standpoint are important. I kind of felt like if I was in Oklahoma's (position), it would've been hard for me not to think about the long-term."

Texas and Oklahoma were orginially set to leave for the SEC in 2025 but the two programs reached an early exit agreement with the Big 12 that will see them depart July, 1 2024. Oklahoma and Texas paid withdrawal fees of a combined $100 million to join the SEC one full season early.

The Big 12 will sport 14 members for one season only as it welcomes BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF in 2023.