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Singer Taylor Swift has a blank space, and she's writing Travis Kelce's name. There were rumors the two were dating for weeks, and those talks only intensified with swift attending five Chiefs games so far this season, including Sunday's game agains the Chargers. 

The Era's Tour singer was seen chatting with the tight end's mom, Donna Kelce, and cheering emphatically when No. 87 scored a touchdown in the first game she attended last month. Last week, she was in attendance to watch the Chiefs as they defeated the Denver Broncos in Week 6 on "Thursday Night Football."

She is once again at Arrowhead Stadium, this time to watch the Chiefs take on another AFC West opponent, the Los Angeles Chargers.

For those wondering how this apparent relationship came to be, wonder no longer. We have created an extensive timeline of the high-profile couple that is currently the talk of the league, and even added some Swift lyrics to go along with some of the highlights.

Here's a look at how it all started and where it has gone since:

June 29: Kelce makes friendship bracelets for fellow TEs

Is this where it all begin? Kelce made a friendship bracelet to give to the newcomers at a camp for NFL tight ends. He said he was "taking a page out of Taylor Swift's book."

July 26: Kelce makes friendship bracelet for Swift

"So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it." - You're On Your Own Kid

Kelce announced that he went to Swift's highly anticipated concert, but said he did not have the chance to meet the 12-time Grammy winner. 

"I was disappointed that she doesn't talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs she sings ... She doesn't meet anybody, or at least she didn't want to meet me, so I took it personal," Kelce said on an episode of the "New Heights" podcast he does with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

He revealed that he made a friendship bracelet, a fan tradition at her concerts, with his number on it to give to her, seemingly expressing his interest in Swift. When his brother asked if it was his jersey number or his phone number, Kelce replied, "you know which one."

"If you're up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets and I had received a bunch of them, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it."

Aug. 5: Kelce names his celebrity crush

Well before the two were rumored to be dating, Kelce was asked his crush. But before he could even answer, the answer was given for him.

Sept. 14: Rumors aren't denied

"The rumors are terrible and cruel, but honey, most of them are true." - New Romantics

Of course people were going to ask Jason, who is very close with his brother, whether rumors of the two hanging out were true. He did not confirm them, but he also did not deny them.

Sept. 17: The references begin

"I watched it begin again." - Begin Again

The rumors began to pick up, and now there were a lot of people, commentators included, making Swift references around Kelce.

When the tight end caught a touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes, CBS Sports' Ian Eagle said, "Kelce finds a blank space for the score."

This was only the start to many, many, Swift lyrics being referenced during NFL games.

Sept. 21: Kelce sends Swift an invite

"So inviting, I almost jump in." - Gold Rush

While on the Pat McAfee show, Kelce discussed the rumors and sounded somehow surprised people are talking about it.

"It is hilarious how much traction this has actually got," he said of all the talk. "It's like that old game in school called telephone where everybody is just whispering in each others ear, just hearing some random stuff. Especially when you got Jason Kelce on live television telling people just both sides."

He then admitted that he invited Swift to one of his games, joking that they would compete to see who put on the bigger show at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Chiefs.

"I threw it out there, I threw the ball in her court and I told her you know, I've seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead you might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one is a little more lit. We will see what happens in the near future."

Sept. 22: Another bracelet

"Lately [he's] been dressing for revenge." - Vigilante Sh--

Kelce was spotted at his nonprofit charity event wearing a bracelet that says "Vigilante Sh--," the name of one of Swift's songs. 

Sept. 24: Swift attends Chiefs game

"Dating the boy on the football team." - Fifteen

Swift took Kelce up on his offer and attended the Chiefs' Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears. Swift was dressed on theme and was watching intently, cheering and even chest bumping someone during big plays. She was especially thrilled to see Kelce get in the end zone, a three-yard catch that put the Chiefs up 41-0. Kansas City went on to win 41-10 to improve to 2-1.

Sept. 24: Swift mingles with Donna Kelce

"Talkin' over a football team." - Mean

Swift already seems to be making friends with the family. Swift was sitting next to Donna in the box and the two were seen talking and laughing as the game went along. 

Sept. 24: Postgame interviews turn into Swiftie talk

The postgame press conference seemed more about Swift and Kelce than it did about the actual game. The media wanted any insight it could get into the relationship and how Swift ended up at Arrowhead.

"He told me at the last minute," Mahomes said when asked if he knew Swift was coming. "There's some things with Trav where he kind of just says it and you don't know if it's true or not. He says it so calmly. ... Friday he was like, 'Yeah, I think she's coming to the game this weekend,' and then moved about his business."

Head coach Andy Reid was also asked about his star tight end's supposed relationship, to which he quipped, "I set them up."

Sept. 24: Kelce and Swift leave stadium together

"You know when it's time to go." - It's Time To Go

This was the first time the two were photographed together. They walked side by side, Kelce fittingly wearing an outfit with "1989" in the title and Swift wearing a Chiefs zip-up. 

Sept. 24: The two leave in a convertible

"Nothing good starts in the getaway car." - Getaway Car

Swift and Swift were spotted in a convertible, with the tight end driving, after the Chiefs' win. Kelce reportedly rented out a restaurant for a private party with Swift and his teammates.

"Taylor Swift likes that Travis Kelce 'pursued her' and the two are having a 'great time getting to know each other,'" a source told Entertainment Tonight. "'Taylor wants a guy that's into his career, does his own thing, but is also supportive and understands her,' the source added, "and Travis fits those qualities.'"

Sept. 25: Kelce jersey sales skyrocket

Call it what you want; I'll call it the Taylor Swift effect. Since Swift attended the Chiefs game, there was a 400% increase in Kelce jersey sales, his podcast is No. 1 overall on Apple, he gained over 380,000 Instagram followers, and 24.3 million people watched the game, making it the No. 1 game last week, according to Front Office Sports.

There has also been triple the "Chiefs" searches on web and triple the Chiefs ticket sales on Stubhub. 

Sept. 25: Belichick weighs in on the matter

New England Patriots head coach does not always comment on situations that take place in the game, but he was fully ready with a sound bite on the Kelce-Swift situation.

"Well I would say that Travis Kelce's had a lot of big catches in his career. This would be the biggest."

Sept. 26: Chiefs games get even more popular

"Welcome to New York (*New Jersey), it's been waiting for you." - Welcome to New York

The defending Super Bowl champions are already one of the more popular teams in the league, but it is becoming the hottest ticket in town, no matter what town that is.

"Since Swift's appearance at the Chiefs game on Sunday, the Jets have sold more tickets for their game against the Chiefs in a single day than since the season started -- by more than double," a representatives at StubHub told to Town & Country magazine.

Sept. 27: Mahomes confirms he met Swift

"It was enchanting to meet you, all I can say is I was enchanted to meet you." - Enchanted

Mahomes said he had not met Swift when asked in the postgame press conference, but he did meet her at the afterparty.

"Yea I met her. She's really cool. Good people," Mahomes said, via KSHB 41 in Kansas City. "But like Trav said, imma let them have their privacy and just keep it moving." 

Sept. 27: Kelce breaks his silence

"And they said speak now." -Speak Now

Kelce addressed Swift's attendance on his podcast, saying, "To see the slow-motion chest bumps, to see the high-fives with Mom, to see how Chiefs Kingdom was all excited that she was there -- that s--- was absolutely hysterical. It's definitely a game I'll remember, that's for damn sure."

He is not going to speak too much more about the relationship, noting that he wants "to respect both of our lives."

"Yeah, my personal life -- that's not so personal. I did this to myself Jason, I know this. What's real is that you know it is my personal life. ... She's not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week."

Sept. 27: Jerry Jones comments on the Swift effect

Swift is getting the owners talking, too. 

"It is hard to move that needle dramatically on a great feeling, a great attraction in the NFL," Jones said Wednesday on 105.3FM The Fan in Dallas. "We get a lot of eye balls. She blew it off the charts. It is amazing. It makes you smile. But it just shows the depth of her following, especially with her core constituency. We all, I think, felt the same way when she's sitting up there with [Travis Kelce's] mom and she's going nuts when he's playing and those hearts are popping out everywhere. How do you not get that? That's called images right there."  

Oct. 1: Swift attends Chiefs-Jets

"Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you," - Welcome to New York

OK, so the Jets technically play in New Jersey, but we're just basing this off their name. Swift went to her second consecutive Chiefs game, showing up with some famous friends, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. In the week leading up to the game, there were reports that the singer would be at the game. The Chiefs defeated the Jets 23-20. 

Oct. 5: NFL defends itself

Swift coverage is everywhere and the league even changed their social media bio to one of the singer's lyrics. The league's X (formerly Twitter) bio to read, "NFL (Taylor's Version)," while their Instagram account read, "Chiefs are 2-0 as Swifties."

Some found issue with these changes, but the NFL said this is a "pop cultural moment" and they are acting as such.

"We frequently change our bios and profile imagery based on what's happening in and around our games, as well as culturally," the NFL wrote in a statement. "The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news has been a pop cultural moment we've leaned into in real time, as it's an intersection of sport and entertainment, and we've seen an incredible amount of positivity around the sport."

Oct. 6: Travis and Jason think the NFL is doing too much

The NFL is really digging into the Swift-Kelce coverage, and not everyone is a fan, including the people involved.

"I think it's fun when they show who's at the game," Travis said. "I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you're watching. But at the same time, they're overdoing it a little bit." 

Jason also chimed in on the matter, saying, "I just think the NFL is not used to celebrities coming to the games. Like basketball has it all figured out. They're all courtside, they're sitting there. They show 'em once or twice, but then they get back to the game."

Oct. 12: Swift attends Chiefs-Broncos

"Now it's too late for you and your white horse *Bronco, to come around" - White Horse

One day after her movie premiere, Swift is in the house for the Chiefs' "Thursday Night Football" divisional matchup against the Broncos. The game is taking place at Arrowhead Stadium, where Swift has performed herself and attended a game before. According to Al Michaels, the game will have minimal Swift coverage, though so far there has already been a mention of the superstar.

Oct. 15: Kelce, Swift make 'SNL' cameos

The two were spotted out in NYC together and then had a surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live." Kelce had a cameo in a skit about how much coverage Swift was getting during games, while the singer introduced the musical act of the night, Ice Spice.

Oct. 22: Swift attends fifth Chiefs game

Swift has now attended games broadcast across all five networks (CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN and Amazon). This week, she is watching the Chiefs face the Chargers and will be shown on CBS. She is sporting a Chiefs sweatshirt and is seated next to Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany.