The highly anticipated XFL footballs have finally arrived. The league revealed their game balls on Monday and decided to go with... a Thanksgiving theme for the big reveal.

The reimagined ball will cost you though. To throw around this new fangled football, it will set you back $125. For perspective, you can get an NFL game ball at a local sporting good store for $100. 

The football's arrived in turkey packaging, yes turkey packaging, and even had "team facts" in lieu of "nutrition facts."

Here's a look at the Houston Roughnecks ball:

When wrestling promoter Vince McMahon decided to bring back the XFL two years ago, he did so with a vision of changing things up a bit, and that includes the game ball. They are not trying to fix the game, just alter a few elements and rebrand it as "football reimagined."

The football is not too different from the classic, but they do have specific game balls for each team, which is new.  Each football has the color scheme and logo on the ball that pertains to the team. 

There are Xs on the ends of the football that, according to the league, will allow the receivers to see the ball easier and will make spirals look cinematic as they soar through the air. 

Another thing that sets the football apart is the overall texture. The ball has interlocking Xs which they are calling "X-Pebble grip technology" rather than the normal feel. 

Vipers quarterback Aaron Murray says he already loves the football.

"The football feels great. It throws well, and I love the texture," he told the Tampa Bay Times.

He added that the element of every team having their own branded football is a cool addition to game day.

"The fact that each team has their own ball is going to be a really cool part of game day — Vipers fans are going to want one," he said. "December can't get here soon enough. I can't wait to get it in our playmakers' hands."

The footballs will make their debut when the XFL kicks off in 2020.