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We are staring a fantastic Bottom 25 season directly in the face. I've written many times about how much harder it is for a team to go winless at the FBS level than for a team to go undefeated. The 2022 season is no different in that aspect, but the speed at which things are moving is incredible.

It's not even October, and we only have three winless teams remaining: Colorado, Colorado State and Georgia State. Last year there were seven left at this point, leading to a somewhat dull and predictable Bottom 25 playoff chase. It looks like this season will be much more exciting, and I have no idea which team will be taking home the Bottom 25 title in 2022.

Although, based on current rankings, there's a decent chance our champion will either reside in the MAC or in a state the Rocky Mountains run through. On to this week's rankings!

No Longer Ranked: No. 21 San Diego State, No. 18 Miami OH