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Golf lovers know that gear is everything. That's why the importance of a great golf bag cannot be understated. It's not just about weight (though having a bag weighing less than 5 pounds sure is tempting). It's about shape and balance -- whether you're the one carrying your bags or a caddy; whether you're riding or walking. Today's best bags also boast impressively comfy straps, smart shaping, and -- for those of you who live in drizzly climes --  plenty of extra room for towels or rain gear.

And, let's admit it: Looks matter. These bags are as easy on the eyes as they are on your (or your caddy's!) shoulders and back.

Hoping to level up your golf game with a new golf bag? We have you covered. Keep reading to check out the best-reviewed golf bags of 2023. 

Top golf bags in this article:

Frogger golf function stand bag, $230

$230 at Amazon

Callaway Chev 14 2022 cart bag, $210

$210 at PGA Tour Superstore

How to pick the right golf bag for you 

When shopping for a golf bag, ask yourself the following: When you hit the course, do you generally carry, push or ride with your cargo? How much storage do you need? How much are you willing to spend? 

While fashion can play a factor, if you're searching for the most functional bag for you, the most important things to consider are type, size -- yes, juniors need their own sized bags! -- and price. 

Stand vs. cart golf bags

The biggest choice to make when shopping for a new golf bag is between stand and cart bags. Stand bags are designed to be lighter, for golfers who prefer to carry their clubs and walk the course. Cart bags are heavier duty and meant for golfers who more frequently use a cart. 

The best golf bags 2023

Based on user reviews, here are some of the best golf bags to shop for in 2023. 

Frogger golf function stand bag


Weighing less than 5 pounds, this 4.4-star-reviewed, lightweight stand bag features five dividers and impressively plush shoulder straps. The Frogger golf bag is compact enough to fit in a push cart (or, sure, on a golf cart) and boasts an award-winning magnetic latch system. Literally. The "Latch-It Ecosystem" feature earned the title of "Best New Product" at the PGA Merchandise Show.

A reviewer writes: "Very light fashionable bag with lots of room for clubs and other items. I don't really carry to walk when golfing but prefer a very light bag with legs for in and out of the trunk and some carrying as needed. I really love the color and design and have gotten many compliments on it. Highly recommended for style and lightweight design."

The Frogger golf function stand bag is available in five colors. 

Frogger golf function stand bag, $230

$230 at Amazon

Ogio 2022 Woode Hybrid 8 stand bag


With a whopping 4.8-star rating on Amazon, this eight-way stand bag from Ogio features nine front-facing pockets, including a snap ball pocket and fleece-lined valuables pocket that can protect delicate items like watches or phone screens.

The 6.5-pound stand bag is comfortable to carry, with a closed-cel,l foam molded, double shoulder strap and a self-balancing strap system.

A reviewer writes: "I went with this after looking at a lot of ultralight bags and not finding anything with the club organization or pockets that I wanted. I had a Ogio bag previously for 15 years that I loved and held up so well. This is basically a newer/better version of it and I'm happy I went back to Ogio. 

"Despite being a touch bigger than an ultralight bag, it's still very comfortable. There are plenty of pockets to organize everything how you want and not have to jam your phone or keys in with golf balls and other gear. I really like the club dividers and having the side slots (I use for driver, 3 wood, and lob wedges). Happy I choose another Ogio."

The Ogio Woode Hybrid 8 stand bag is available in seven colors. 

Ogio 2022 Woode Hybrid 8 stand bag, $220 and up

$220 and up at Amazon Check stock now at Ogio

Ogio 2022 Woode 15 cart bag


Yes, this bag has a super-adorable print on it. But there's more.

This 4-star rated, 15-way cart bag from Ogio comes with a built-in cooler (hello, mint juleps on the green) and 10 front-facing pockets, including a snap ball pocket and fleece-lined valuables pocket. This seven-pound bag has an E-Trolley compatible base with space for a spare battery, a padded single strap and push-cart lockdown straps to keep it secure.

"Amazing looking bag with more storage than you could ever need while still staying on the lighter side for a cart bag," a reviewer writes. "The quality is top notch and has features that make a round of golf more streamlined."

The Woode 15 cart bag is available in 14 colors and designs directly from Ogio, and nine on Amazon. 

Ogio 2022 Woode 15 cart bag, $195 and up (reduced from $280)

$195 and up at Amazon

Ogio 2022 Woode 15 cart bag, $203 (reduced from $290)

$203 at Ogio

Callaway Chev 14 2022 cart bag


Any golfer will tell you that Callaway is a premium and respected brand. And If you're using a cart bag, chances are you're looking for maximum storage You get all the above and more with the 4.5-star-rated Chev 14. This lightweight cart bag weighs in at five pounds, and has a sleek and bold look with ample storage space and 14-way club organization.

One reviewer writes: "This is a light and very sturdy bag with plenty of easily accessible pockets and space for all my clubs, balls and golf accessories. Good color and made of durable materials. I'm sure this one will last!"

Another raved: "Unlike other bags I have purchased, this bag is ultra lightweight and has handles on both the front and back for loading and securing on the cart. Easy to load into the trunk of my car. Love the color."

The Callaway Chev 14 comes in five colors, four of which were in stock at the time of publication.

Callaway Chev 14 2022 cart bag, $210

$210 at PGA Tour Superstore

Izzo Ultra Lite cart bag


This 4.5-star-rated golf bag is not only the least expensive option on this list but also the lightest, at just 3.8 pounds. The space-efficient bag has a Smartgrip handle, 14-way club organization, a waterproof valuables pocket, a single carry strap, an umbrella holder (for die-hards), a glove holder, a towel clip and a rain hood.

If you want a lot of bag for a very reasonable price, this is the one to go for.

One reviewer raves: "For its price this is a 5-star bag, no doubt about it. It's super lightweight, has plenty of pockets and a 14-way top with a large putter slot. There are four full-length dividers with no more than four clubs between each divider. The putter has a pocket of its own and is large enough to accommodate oversized putter grips. 

"Personally I'm going to get Izzo's 2-inch putter tube, which will easily fit in the putter pocket and protect my large Super Stroke grip from wear and tear. Great bag; I highly recommend it if you're looking for a decent lightweight bag without breaking the bank."

The Izzo Ultra Lite golf bag comes in four colors. 

Izzo Ultra Lite cart bag, $103 and up 

$103 and up at Amazon

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