For months now, we have known who each NFL team will be playing in the 2019 season. Now we know when they'll be playing, with all 256 NFL games slotted out carefully by the league's talented schedule planners to try and create a semblance of competitive balance for every single team in the league. 

We've been tracking the rumors all day long, and there's plenty of more breakdowns coming as it relates to the full schedule, but here are some interesting pieces of information worth digging into:

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Now let's get to the full 256-game schedule in week-by-week fashion. 



Thursday, September 5

Packers at Bears8:20pNBC
Sunday, September 8

Rams at Panthers1:00pFOX
Titans at Browns1:00pCBS
Chiefs at Jaguars1:00pCBS
Ravens at Dolphins1:00pCBS
Falcons at Vikings1:00pFOX
Bills at Jets1:00pCBS
Redskins at Eagles1:00pFOX
Colts at Chargers4:05pCBS
Bengals at Seahawks4:05pCBS
Lions at Cardinals4:25pFOX
Giants at Cowboys4:25pFOX
49ers at Buccaneers4:25pFOX
Steelers at Patriots8:20pNBC
Monday, September 9

Texans at Saints7:10pESPN
Broncos at Raiders10:20pESPN


Thursday, September 12

Buccaneers at Panthers8:20pNFLN
Sunday, September 15

Cardinals at Ravens1:00pFOX
49ers at Bengals1:00pFOX
Chargers at Lions1:00pCBS
Vikings at Packers1:00pFOX
Jaguars at Texans1:00pCBS
Patriots at Dolphins1:00pCBS
Bills at Giants1:00pCBS
Seahawks at Steelers1:00pFOX
Colts at Titans1:00pCBS
Cowboys at Redskins1:00pFOX
Chiefs at Raiders4:05pCBS
Bears at Broncos4:25pFOX
Saints at Rams4:25pFOX
Eagles at Falcons8:20pNBC
Monday, September 16

Browns at Jets8:15pESPN


Thursday, September 19

Titans at Jaguars8:20pNFLN
Sunday, September 22

Bengals at Bills1:00pCBS
Dolphins at Cowboys1:00pFOX
Broncos at Packers1:00pFOX
Falcons at Colts1:00pCBS
Ravens at Chiefs1:00pCBS
Raiders at Vikings1:00pFOX
Jets at Patriots1:00pCBS
Lions at Eagles1:00pFOX
Panthers at Cardinals4:05pFOX
Giants at Buccaneers4:05pFOX
Texans at Chargers4:25pCBS
Saints at Seahawks4:25pCBS
Steelers at 49ers4:25pCBS
Rams at Browns8:20pNBC
Monday, September 23

Bears at Redskins8:15pESPN


Thursday, September 26

Eagles at Packers8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, September 29

Titans at Falcons1:00pCBS
Browns at Ravens1:00pCBS
Patriots at Bills1:00pCBS
Chiefs at Lions1:00pFOX
Panthers at Texans1:00pFOX
Raiders at Colts1:00pCBS
Chargers at Dolphins1:00pCBS
Redskins at Giants1:00pFOX
Seahawks at Cardinals4:05pFOX
Buccaneers at Rams4:05pFOX
Vikings at Bears4:25pCBS
Jaguars at Broncos4:25pCBS
Cowboys at Saints8:20pNBC
Monday, September 30

Bengals at Steelers8:15pESPN


Thursday, October 3

Rams at Seahawks8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, October 6

Jaguars at Panthers1:00pCBS
Cardinals at Bengals1:00pFOX
Falcons at Texans1:00pFOX
Buccaneers at Saints1:00pFOX
Vikings at Giants1:00pFOX
Bears at Raiders (London)1:00pFOX
Jets at Eagles1:00pCBS
Ravens at Steelers1:00pCBS
Bills at Titans1:00pCBS
Patriots at Redskins1:00pCBS
Broncos at Chargers4:05pCBS
Packers at Cowboys4:25pFOX
Colts at Chiefs8:20pNBC
Monday, October 7

Browns at 49ers8:15pESPN


Thursday, October 10

Giants at Patriots8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, October 13

Panthers at Buccaneers (London)9:30aNFLN
Bengals at Ravens1:00pCBS
Seahawks at Browns1:00pFOX
Saints at Jaguars1:00pCBS
Texans at Chiefs1:00pCBS
Redskins at Dolphins1:00pFOX
Eagles at Vikings1:00pFOX
Falcons at Cardinals4:05pFOX
49ers at Rams4:05pFOX
Titans at Broncos4:25pCBS
Cowboys at Jets4:25pCBS
Steelers at Chargers8:20pNBC
Monday, October 14

Lions at Packers8:15pESPN


Thursday, October 17

Chiefs at Broncos8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, October 20

Rams at Falcons1:00pFOX
Dolphins at Bills1:00pCBS
Jaguars at Bengals1:00pCBS
Vikings at Lions1:00pFOX
Raiders at Packers1:00pCBS
Texans at Colts1:00pCBS
Cardinals at Giants1:00pFOX
49ers at Redskins1:00pFOX
Chargers at Titans4:05pCBS
Saints at Bears4:25pFOX
Ravens at Seahawks4:25pFOX
Eagles at Cowboys8:20pNBC
Monday, October 21

Patriots at Jets8:15pESPN


Thursday, October 24

Redskins at Vikings8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, October 27

Seahawks at Falcons1:00pFOX
Eagles at Bills1:00pFOX
Chargers at Bears1:00pFOX
Giants at Lions1:00pFOX
Raiders at Texans1:00pCBS
Jets at Jaguars1:00pCBS
Bengals at Rams (London)1:00pCBS
Cardinals at Saints1:00pCBS
Buccaneers at Titans1:00pFOX
Panthers at 49ers4:05pFOX
Broncos at Colts4:25pCBS
Browns at Patriots4:25pCBS
Packers at Chiefs8:20pNBC
Monday, October 28

Dolphins at Steelers8:15pESPN


Thursday, October 31

49ers at Cardinals8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, November 3

Texans at Jaguars (London)9:30aNFLN
Redskins at Bills1:00pFOX
Titans at Panthers1:00pCBS
Vikings at Chiefs1:00pFOX
Jets at Dolphins1:00pCBS
Bears at Eagles1:00pFOX
Colts at Steelers1:00pCBS
Lions at Raiders4:05pFOX
Buccaneers at Seahawks4:05pFOX
Browns at Broncos4:25pCBS
Packers at Chargers4:25pCBS
Patriots at Ravens8:20pNBC
Monday, November 4

Cowboys at Giants8:15pESPN

WEEK 10 

Thursday, November 7

Chargers at Raiders8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, November 10

Lions at Bears1:00pCBS
Ravens at Bengals1:00pCBS
Bills at Browns1:00pCBS
Panthers at Packers1:00pFOX
Falcons at Saints1:00pFOX
Giants at Jets1:00pFOX
Cardinals at Buccaneers1:00pFOX
Chiefs at Titans1:00pCBS
Dolphins at Colts4:05pCBS
Rams at Steelers4:25pFOX
Vikings at Cowboys8:20pNBC
Monday, November 11

Seahawks at 49ers8:15pESPN

WEEK 11 

Thursday, November 14

Steelers at Browns8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, November 17

Texans at Ravens1:00pCBS
Falcons at Panthers1:00pFOX
Cowboys at Lions1:00pFOX
Jaguars at Colts1:00pCBS
Bills at Dolphins1:00pCBS
Broncos at Vikings1:00pCBS
Saints at Buccaneers1:00pFOX
Jets at Redskins1:00pCBS
Cardinals at 49ers4:05pFOX
Bengals at Raiders4:25pCBS
Patriots at Eagles4:25pCBS
Bears at Rams8:20pNBC
Monday, November 18

Chiefs at Chargers (Mexico City)8:15pESPN

WEEK 12 

Thursday, November 21

Colts at Texans8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, November 24

Buccaneers at Falcons1:00pFOX
Broncos at Bills1:00pCBS
Giants at Bears1:00pFOX
Steelers at Bengals1:00pCBS
Dolphins at Browns1:00pCBS
Panthers at Saints1:00pFOX
Raiders at Jets1:00pCBS
Lions at Redskins1:00pFOX
Jaguars at Titans4:05pCBS
Cowboys at Patriots4:25pFOX
Packers at 49ers4:25pFOX
Seahawks at Eagles8:20pNBC
Monday, November 25

Ravens at Rams8:15pESPN

WEEK 13 

Thursday, November 28

Bears at Lions12:30pFOX
Bills at Cowboys4:30pCBS
Saints at Falcons8:20pNBC
Sunday, December 1

49ers at Ravens1:00pFOX
Redskins at Panthers1:00pCBS
Jets at Bengals1:00pCBS
Titans at Colts1:00pCBS
Buccaneers at Jaguars1:00pFOX
Raiders at Chiefs1:00pCBS
Eagles at Dolphins1:00pFOX
Packers at Giants1:00pFOX
Rams at Cardinals4:05pFOX
Chargers at Broncos4:25pCBS
Browns at Steelers4:25pCBS
Patriots at Texans8:20pNBC
Monday, December 2

Vikings at Seahawks8:15pESPN

WEEK 14 

Thursday, December 5

Cowboys at Bears8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, December 8

Panthers at Falcons1:00pFOX
Ravens at Bills1:00pCBS
Bengals at Browns1:00pCBS
Redskins at Packers1:00pFOX
Broncos at Texans1:00pCBS
Lions at Vikings1:00pFOX
49ers at Saints1:00pFOX
Dolphins at Jets1:00pCBS
Colts at Buccaneers1:00pCBS
Chargers at Jaguars4:05pFOX
Steelers at Cardinals4:25pCBS
Chiefs at Patriots4:25pCBS
Titans at Raiders4:25pCBS
Seahawks at Rams8:20pNBC
Monday, December 9

Giants at Eagles8:15pESPN

WEEK 15 

Thursday, December 12

Jets at Ravens8:20pFOX/NFLN/Amazon
Sunday, December 15

Seahawks at Panthers1:00pFOX
Patriots at Bengals1:00pCBS
Buccaneers at Lions1:00pFOX
Bears at Packers1:00pFOX
Broncos at Chiefs1:00pCBS
Dolphins at Giants1:00pCBS
Bills at Steelers1:00pCBS
Texans at Titans1:00pCBS
Eagles at Redskins1:00pFOX
Browns at Cardinals4:05pCBS
Jaguars at Raiders4:05pCBS
Rams at Cowboys4:25pFOX
Falcons at 49ers4:25pFOX
Vikings at Chargers8:20pNBC
Monday, December 16

Colts at Saints8:15pESPN

WEEK 16 

Saturday, December 21

TBD TBD 1:00p

TBD TBD 4:30p

TBD TBD 8:15p

Date and time TBD

Lions at BroncosTBDTBD
Raiders at ChargersTBDTBD
Bills at PatriotsTBDTBD
Rams at 49ersTBDTBD
Texans at BuccaneersTBDTBD
Sunday, December 22

Jaguars at Falcons1:00pFOX
Ravens at Browns1:00pCBS
Panthers at Colts1:00pFOX
Bengals at Dolphins1:00pCBS
Steelers at Jets1:00pCBS
Saints at Titans1:00pFOX
Giants at Redskins1:00pFOX
Cowboys at Eagles4:25pFOX
Cardinals at Seahawks4:25pFOX
Chiefs at Bears8:20pNBC
Monday, December 23

Packers at Vikings8:15pESPN

WEEK 17 

Sunday, December 29

Steelers at Ravens1:00pCBS
Jets at Bills1:00pCBS
Saints at Panthers1:00pFOX
Browns at Bengals1:00pCBS
Redskins at Cowboys1:00pFOX
Packers at Lions1:00pFOX
Titans at Texans1:00pCBS
Colts at Jaguars1:00pCBS
Chargers at Chiefs1:00pCBS
Bears at Vikings1:00pFOX
Dolphins at Patriots1:00pCBS
Eagles at Giants1:00pFOX
Falcons at Buccaneers1:00pFOX
Raiders at Broncos4:25pCBS
Cardinals at Rams4:25pFOX
49ers at Seahawks4:25pFOX