The Odell Beckham Jr. sweepstakes, if nothing else, remains quite fervent coming out of the NFL owner's meetings and is likely to remain that way right up until the draft.

Perhaps a trade is completed well ahead of then, but given the current climate -- the Giants having difficulty getting close to what they would deem fair value for the Pro Bowler, and other teams relatively content to wait it out a bit -- I wouldn't be surprised if it took until late April to get some closure on this matter. It's possible the Giants simply can't get a sufficient haul to warrant moving the star receiver at all before the season starts, although, should they go that route it would be courting disaster via an ugly contract holdout that could linger to the midpoint of the season.

That wouldn't make sense given the new regime coming in and with this franchise trying to turn a corner of sorts from the controversy and mishaps of recent years. And trust me, an Odell Beckham prolonged holdout at the start of Pat Shurmur's tenure, in New York, at this time, would be a massive distraction and potential season-wrecker. Best avoid that scenario, which would require a trade, or the Giants themselves stepping up and giving Beckham something along the lines of a two-year, $40 million contract, or three years, $60 million, mostly fully guaranteed. You get the idea.

So with this situation likely to linger for a while, and with Beckham the kind of generational  talent that could truly play for any team and make any roster better, I figured I'd look at how a Beckham trade might work, or not work, for all 31 teams. Sure, any team would want him, but given the timing of this now public fallout with the Giants and given the Giants' expectations in a trade (ultimately I believe they settle for a late first-round pick and a little something else) and given how much money Beckham is going to demand, there may not be as many strong fits as you'd think:


Los Angeles Rams

They've been most closely tied to Beckham. L.A. has been among the most aggressive teams this offseason and it has a need at receiver after losing Sammy Watkins and dealing a late-one is no big thing. They could also conceivably pay Beckham and Aaron Donald and still shed a bunch of other salaries in 2019 and still be competitive before they'd have to pay Jared Goff big money.

San Francisco 49ers

Very much in the same proactive mode as the Rams, trying to build a top offense around a young play-calling head coach. I continue to hear San Francisco is monitoring this thing closely, has real interest, and this could shape up as a very interested NFC West arms race.

Seattle Seahawks

Never say never with John Schneider and Pete Carroll. This kind of move is right up their alley. At age 25, Beckham doesn't have to be just a short-term rental. Could they complete their Earl Thomas trade and use those assets in a Beckham trade? They did create a bunch of cap space and this would have Russell Wilson, who has been a little forlorn over the state of the cast around him on offense, doing backflips. (Yeah, I'm sure he can do them).

Cleveland Browns

No team has more draft capital and general manager John Dorsey will think outside the box and he could actually afford to pay Jarvis Landry and Beckham -- reuniting the best buds and college teammates -- and still field a quality roster. Especially with a cheap quarterback he is about to draft. IF Beckham's price becomes more like a couple of second round picks there is no reason the Browns can't be very involved.

Indianapolis Colts

Just playing a hunch here, but T.Y. Hilton isn't going to win games by himself and the Colts, shrewdly, let most of the free-agency madness pass without throwing good money after bad and they are still sitting on a nut. Could Chris Ballard trade down again, get a bunch of other picks and then use a later first rounder to get Beckham? What a return gift that would be for Andrew Luck. With or without Luck it would be a massive boon.

Probably can't rule them out 

New York Jets

Loved Beckham coming out of college, although staying in New York with the tabloids might be sub-optimal right now. But these guys are willing to consider anything and they could still use a playmaker like this and they have the means to afford him.

Miami Dolphins

Mike Tannenbaum loves to make a splash and after getting (rightfully) kicked around locally and nationally for Miami's bizarre offseason, well, what better way to change the narrative than to flip Jarvis Landry into OBJ? Heaven knows they need weapons for Ryan Tannehill and Miami seems like it is Beckham's kind of town.

New England Patriots

This is the kind of thing Bill Belichick would normally be all over. Now, he is limited by a cap situation and Rob Gronkowksi's contract issues and might have to pay Tom Brady again, too, and he already did the Brandin Cooks thing a year ago. Still, with Belichick I wouldn't entirely rule it out.

Tennessee Titans

Young GM Jon Robinson has made his share of bold moves already and adding weapons for Marcus Mariota and making him work will define this tenure. Does the young quarterback have enough? Even after drafting Corey Davis so high a year ago? Delanie Walker is no spring chicken and he cant carry this load forever. Could make a very intriguing trade partner.

Green Bay Packers

This would be bold and big, after losing Jordy Nelson. I don't think it's particularly likely, but with a new regime in place and the Packers already doing non-Packer things like paying Jimmy Graham all that money, they should at least be exploring this.

Los Angeles Chargers

This isn't the kind of thing their front office usually does, although with Philip Rivers nearing the end it would make sense to me. And trying to compete with the Rams in the now-crowded L.A. market, adding a face-of-the-league player would command plenty of attention. They have weapons but if the price isn't crazy no reason they aren't exploring this.

New Orleans Saints

Like the Pats, they seem to be in on everything even if it might seem a stretch. Traded away Brandin Cooks a year ago, kicking the tires on receivers. With Drew Brees nearing the end Beckham could be vital when a rookie eventually takes over. On that fast track in New Orleans? Look out. Not saying it would be easy given their cap situation, but I couldn't entirely rule it out and Beckham going back to The Bayou would be something.

Buffalo Bills

Brandon Beane has been a mover and a shaker since entering the league and he is not afraid to make any deal at any time. Should the Bills somehow be sitting on the outside in terms of being in position to draft a top three quarterback, he would have more than enough assets to land Beckham and build an offense around him for years to come.

Can't see it happening

Pittsburgh Steelers

Going to war with Le'Veon Bell and already have Antonio Brown making $17 milion a year and Big Ben wants a new deal soon enough. And no cap space. Not a match.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Just committed $30 million fully guaranteed to the likes of Marqise Lee and Donte Moncrief and are paying a guard like a top left tackle. Free-agent spending has to stop somewhere. And I'm not sure a Tom Coughlin reunion, and having to play with Blake Bortles, would be all that enticing, either.

Chicago Bears

Sort of like the Jags in this one in that they just went out and did a whole bunch in free agency and seem to have made their splash. Would be great for Mitchell Trubisky, though I don't see it as the kind of fit some other teams would provide.

Houston Texans

Could you get DeAndre Hopkins and Beckham on the same roster? Along with all the big ticket items on their defense and with Jadeveon Clowney in need of a new deal? Don't see it although I could see them hanging around the periphery of this thing.

Detroit Lions

Already have a ton invested in their offense, including at receiver, and especially at quarterback. Need to fix that defense and that's top priority for rookie head coach Matt Patricia and taking assets away from that plan now probably not the way they go.

Dallas Cowboys

In a cap crunch and doing an awkward dance with Dez Bryant and no long into splashy moves this offseason. Could they pay Dak and Odell? And Zeke? I don't really see it at this point.

Minnesota Vikings

They just reinvented the wheel for Kirk Cousins. Doing that twice at two different positions in a matter of weeks is too rich for anyone's blood. Cousins has a strong cast around him. They aren't in this market.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just gave Mike Evans a top-of-the-market new contract and will have to pay Jameis Winston soon enough to keep him. Don't see it.

Atlanta Falcons

Have to pay Matt Ryan, again, and already paying Julio Jones, and its just not in the cards.

Carolina Panthers

Move would make a ton of sense on many levels, but its very rare a team can do anything of this magnitude while essentially being between owners. Had they already been sold and the new owner wanted to make a signature opening move, this would be perfect. But why would Jerry Richardson (or his self-picked avatar) authorize this kind of spending now?

Baltimore Ravens

Not their kind of move (except for the one time Ozzie Newsome tried to acquire Terrell Owens). Very limited cap space, handcuffed by big contracts at quarterback and safety and need to find a young quarterback with their high picks. Don't see them mortgaging them even for a receiver this talented.

Denver Broncos

Already deeply invested at wide receiver, a team seemingly in transition trying to remain on the outskirts of contending but probably about to start shedding more salaries in coming seasons. Would be a shocker at this point to me.

Kansas City Chiefs

Would have made total and complete sense before resetting the receiver market by paying Sammy Watkins $34 million guaranteed over the next two years. But after that, hard to see them fitting this kind of deal in, especially after giving up a bunch of picks to move up for Patrick Mahomes last year.

Oakland Raiders

Just overpaid (likely) Jordy Nelson and still have to pay Amari Cooper in a few years and have already paid big on Derek Carr. Have to rebuild more on defense. On one hand I could see Jon Gruden loving this move, but not sure he has the ammo to compete with some other suitors.

Philadelphia Eagles

Trading OBJ in the division wouldn't be unprecedented, but it also wouldn't be ideal or likely. Howie Roseman is the ultimate deal maker, but he's done well with less compensated receivers paired with Carson Wentz and is near his spending wall.

Washington Redskins

Again, I don't see Gettleman moving Beckham to a primary rival, when there should be other spots he can make a deal. Josh Nroman and Beckham on the same team for a season would be a hoot, though.

Cincinnati Bengals

Already paying A.J. Green, not Mike Brown's kind of move at a time when he seems to be curbing the spending some.