Los Angeles Wildcats head coach Winston Moss is cooler than the other side of the pillow and proved this with how he handled a Gatorade bath over the weekend. After the XFL team's first win in franchise history, a 39-9 rout of the D.C. Defenders, the players celebrated by soaking their coach in the beverage. How Moss reacted is almost getting more attention than the win itself.

Take a look at his cool, calm and collected response to being drenched on the sidelines:

Now I've never been given a Gatorade bath on the sidelines (when I write a great article there is sadly no celebration from teammates, so I'm not sure how I would react to one), but I know it would be more dramatic than this.

If you are getting 10 gallons -- which is reportedly how much liquid the traditional orange coolers hold -- of Gatorade poured on you as you are trying to do your job  I expect at least a flinch, but nope, not from Moss. 

A lot of coaches are startled by the bath and start running to avoid the liquid or laughing at the player that snuck up on them. Remember that time after the Sugar Bowl when Georgia coach Kirby Smart looked furious over a Gatorade bath? Moss is not about any of that and instead he took it like a champ. 

I have't seen anyone look that cool while having a bucket of Gatorade dumped on their head since, well, ever. This guy is no stranger to looking relaxed and has shown us in three short weeks of the XFL why he is the one of the most mellow coaches in the league. 

Take the photo below for example. Notice the game has started and he is chilling on the bench while working like it's nothing.

Doesn't get much cooler than Moss.