The XFL is relaunching in February 2020 and on Monday, the league released the uniforms for all eight teams. The league tweeted that each uniform represents each team's city

Teams also recorded their players' live reactions to the jersey unveilings and posted them on Twitter:

Without further adieu, take a look at what the teams will be wearing this season:

The Dallas Renegades have a "brazen-black, big-sky-blue, ready-to-raise-hell uniform" with a red detail on the shoulder. 

The D.C. Defenders will have a red and white combination. The XFL tweeted they are "red, white and ready to fight lightning stripes-and-stars uniforms."

The New York Guardians have a black and white look, complete with silver numbers. 

The Houston Roughnecks use red, white and blue as their color scheme. The uniform features a star on the side of the arm. 

Playing off the Viper aspect, Tampa Bay has a two-toned green uniform with yellow numbers that pop.

Vipers' Aaron Murray said, "Big win for the XFL I thought with these uniforms."

Here is a first look at the St. Louis BattleHawks jerseys that are "wing-sword designed."

The Seattle Dragons are playing off the "Emerald City" name with their green and orange look.

The L.A. Wildcats have a black, red and orange look, with white replacing the black for their alternatives. 

The league already revealed the season start date, cities, team names, stadiums, players and footballs, so having the jerseys gives fans another piece of the puzzle and a better idea of what the league will look like, quite literally.