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Saturday was an incredible day for The Bottom 25. Not only did UNLV pick up its second straight win like I predicted, but The Bottom 25's Power Five powerhouse Kansas picked up a huge win over Texas. It was the second win for the Jayhawks over the Longhorns in the past five seasons. 

I feel like I've become a Kansas football fan by osmosis. I've spent so much time paying attention to the program over the years due to this column that it was probably inevitable. I mean, part of the reason I began writing The Bottom 25 was that, as an Illinois football fan, I know the pain of rooting for a program that can never seem to get its act together. I know what it's like to get excited for a game every Saturday and trick yourself into believing this will be the one where we shock the world, only to be reminded time and time again that it's not. There's a chance it never will be.

Then you come back again next week and do it all over again. You keep doing it because even though it isn't likely, every once in a while, Kansas beats Texas and it all becomes worth it.

No Longer Ranked: No. 23 Tulsa, No. 20 Louisiana Tech