It's that time of week again where we hand out grades and assess the report card for some of college basketball's best and worst teams for the week that was. Pull up a chair, kids, class is in session.

I was a kind teacher this week once again, liberally handing out "A" grades to those who I feel earned it. But just like last week, I was also harsh to those who did not perform well. These are grades you will not want to show your parents. I prefer the term "tough love" to harsh, though. I'm not mad; I'm just disappointed is the energy I'm passing along here

And the grades reflect that this week. There are plenty of passing grades after big weeks -- Saint Mary's gets an A+ after holding serve at home vs. Gonzaga, as does Arizona and VCU for their big weeks -- but there are a handful that won't be as proud of their grades after a down week. 

So let's dive into the report card for this week. As always, keep in mind the cycle runs Monday-Sunday.

College basketball grades: This week's report card