Clemson was put to the test in Week 2 with a talented and dangerous Texas A&M team pushing the three-time ACC champions to the limit in a 28-26 win. But the Aggies aren't the only SEC team continuing to push Clemson as Georgia has started to close the gap on the No. 2 spot in the AP Top 25. 

There's very little change in this week's AP Top 25 -- South Carolina and Florida out, Arizona State and Oklahoma State in near the bottom of the top 25 -- but there is an interesting shift in terms of the battle at the top. Clemson has lost first-place votes to Alabama after each of the first two weeks of action, and heading into Week 3, the Tigers hold a narrow lead over the Bulldogs with a 23-point margin.

Check out the full AP Top 25 below: 

  1. Alabama (54 first-place votes)
  2. Clemson (6)  
  3. Georgia 
  4. Ohio State 
  5. Oklahoma 
  6. Wisconsin (1)
  7. Auburn 
  8. Notre Dame 
  9. Stanford 
  10. Washington 
  11. Penn State
  12. LSU 
  13. Virginia Tech 
  14. West Virginia 
  15. TCU 
  16. Mississippi State 
  17. Boise State 
  18. UCF 
  19. Michigan 
  20. Oregon 
  21. Miami 
  22. USC 
  23. Arizona State 
  24. Oklahoma State 
  25. Michigan State 

Dropped out: South Carolina (24), Florida (25) 

Others receiving votes: Utah, Texas A&M, Boston College, Houston, Maryland, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Duke, NC State, Ole Miss, Hawaii, Washington State, USF, South Carolina, Florida State