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Florida State is not what anybody would consider a Bottom 25 mainstay. That's a designation for programs like UTEP, which has won two Bottom 25 titles. Another difference between Florida State and UTEP is that UTEP isn't ranked in the Bottom 25 this week. Florida State cannot make that claim.

So while the Seminoles are not a mainstay here, they've spent far too many weeks hanging out here in recent seasons. I thought they could avoid the Bottom 25 this season after seeing how well they played in Week 1 against Notre Dame when they nearly pulled off the surprising upset. Instead, it was Florida State on the wrong end of an upset as Jacksonville State -- a team that lost 31-0 to UAB to open the season -- beat the 'Noles 20-17 thanks to whatever this was.

Now the 'Noles are here again, and there's a familiar feeling in the pits of so many stomachs. But Florida State fans can take solace in the fact that, at least early in the season, the Bottom 25 rankings are extremely volatile. We had nine new teams in the rankings last week while others escaped despite losing. That's how strange things can get here while the sample sizes are so small, but it adds to the fun. So, if your school is here, smile, enjoy it, and cross your fingers really hard. Maybe they'll be out soon.

No longer ranked: Houston (25), Southern Miss (24), Indiana (20), Northwestern (19), Louisville (18), Temple (17), Washington (15), Western Michigan (14), Kent State (13)