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A couple of weeks ago, I lamented that the number of Power Five teams reaching The Bottom 25 seemed to be steadily declining. I wondered aloud if the transfer portal era might make it more difficult for Power Five teams to bottom out while robbing Group of Five teams of their better players. While the transfer portal concern is genuine, it appears the fear of Power Five teams missing out was misguided.

The Bottom 25 loses Vanderbilt this week thanks to the Commodores pulling off the upset over Kentucky and giving Clark Lea his first SEC win, but they're replaced by two new Power Five programs this week -- two programs that have been here in the past but make their first appearance in 2022.

Welcome, Stanford and Indiana! Indiana has been hovering just on the margins the last few weeks and makes an emphatic debut on the latest edition of the rankings. Meanwhile, Stanford's descent has been more gradual but has felt inevitable in recent weeks. So where are they in the rankings? Let's find out.

No Longer Ranked: No. 25 Central Michigan, No. 24 Kent State, No. 22 Vanderbilt, No. 17 New Mexico State