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2015 MLB Standings

American League
American League East
Toronto7657.571-73053319745-2431-3327-2320-1419-138-2W 2
N.Y. Yankees (29)7458.5616465638337-2637-3230-2318-1117-166-4W 2
Tampa Bay (20)6667.49610506517-1132-3334-3426-2712-1717-174-6L 1
Baltimore (18)6469.481125765482840-2824-4127-2613-1715-182-8W 1
Boston (15)6172.45915602646-4434-3427-3821-3215-1515-185-5L 2
American League Central
Kansas City8251.617-60149810347-2235-2917-1434-2018-117-3W 2
Minnesota (17)6964.51913579583-442-2627-3819-1428-2614-127-3L 1
Cleveland (13)6468.48517½538544-629-3435-3415-1518-3119-147-3L 2
Chi. White Sox (11)6270.47019½505566-6133-3229-3813-1621-3319-104-6W 1
Detroit (9)6172.45921581672-9130-3531-3710-1931-2211-202-8L 2
American League West
Houston7361.545-5784849446-2327-3818-1612-1729-255-5L 2
Texas (28)7062.5302587610-2332-3238-3023-1116-1320-297-3W 2
L.A. Angels (24)6766.504535550-1539-2728-3916-1614-1630-244-6W 2
Seattle (19)6371.47010527616-8929-3634-3515-1713-1828-266-4W 2
Oakland (14)5876.43315555546931-3827-3810-2312-1726-295-5L 2
National League
National League East
N.Y. Mets7459.556-5504965445-2429-3536-189-2021-127-3W 1
Washington (24)6865.51165795374238-2630-3930-2113-1917-166-4W 2
Miami (10)5579.41019½499552-5330-3625-4321-3311-1816-185-5W 3
Atlanta (9)5480.40320½480644-16433-3221-4825-2912-1812-211-9L 9
Philadelphia (8)5381.39621½520683-16330-3523-4622-339-2114-183-7L 1
National League Central
St. Louis8647.647-54340114248-2038-2720-932-1823-118-2L 1
Pittsburgh (24)7953.5985574867146-2133-3224-921-3221-55-5L 4
Chi. Cubs (20)7557.56810½5425222040-2835-2920-1030-2416-134-6L 1
Milwaukee (2)5875.43628542602-6033-3925-3616-1424-2910-205-5W 4
Cincinnati (E)5577.41730½529589-6029-3526-4216-1225-297-234-6W 1
National League West
L.A. Dodgers7558.564-5434806347-2128-3719-1316-1532-218-2L 1
San Francisco (23)6965.5155695185138-2731-3818-1513-1727-273-7L 6
Arizona (19)6569.48510½6035812231-3534-3415-1814-1626-283-7L 1
San Diego (19)6569.48510½555595-4033-3232-3717-1614-1627-244-6W 1
Colorado (10)5578.41420605700-9530-3825-4016-1815-1321-336-4W 2
() - A team's Elimination Number is determined by adding the leading team's number of wins to the trailing team's number of losses. Subtract that total from 163. The first-place team's Magic Number is the same as the second-place team's Elimination Number.
(E) - A team has been eliminated from the division race. Note that a team eliminated from the division race may still be a contender in the Wild-card race.
x - Clinched division title
y - Clinched wild-card
z - Clinched playoff berth

-Tiebreaker games will be played to determine Division Championships, even if the two tied Clubs are assured of participating in the Postseason. If a Division Championship tiebreaker game is necessary, the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs will determine home-field advantage. If the head-to-head record is tied, then division record will be the next tiebreaker.

-In the event of a tie for the division championship or a Wild Card spot, a one-game playoff will break the tie. If three or four clubs are tied for first place in a division at the end of the regular season, and the two non-division winners would NOT be Wild Card clubs, a playoff will be played among the teams in question.

-If two Clubs are tied for both Wild Card berths, home-field advantage will be determined by the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs. If the head-to-head record is tied, then division record will be the next tiebreaker.

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